WWF Superstars – September 24th, 1994

September 24, 1994

From the Green Bay Expo Center in Green Bay, WI

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler

We open with a clip from “Monday Night RAW” where Bob Backlund said he wants all the fans to feel the pain of his chicken wing.


This week, British Bulldog returns from a “successful tour of Europe.” Also, we will see the full Backlund interview from RAW. Also in action are Doink the Clown, Shawn Michaels & Diesel, Adam Bomb, and Tatanka.


British Bulldog vs. Reno Riggins

The crowd is really into Bulldog and that upsets Riggins. Bulldog shoves Riggins down a few times as the announcers talk about Bulldog’s involvement in the Bret/Owen Hart feud. Riggins hammers away but gets skied with a back drop. Riggins bails as Vince plugs Bulldog vs. Owen as part of the Hart Attack tour. Riggins comes back with a thrust kick for a one count as Bulldog powers out. Bulldog then uses a delayed vertical suplex and soaks up the cheers from the crowd before applying a chin lock. Vince is happy Bulldog is back to even out the feud between Bret and Owen as Bulldog stays in control. Bulldog pulls up Riggins after a two count then picks him up and uses the running powerslam for the win (3:29). Vince also tells us that Bulldog will be back in action this weekend in California.

Thoughts: This was Bulldog’s first appearance on Superstars in two years. The main thing was pushing how he is backing Bret to feud against Owen & Neidhart. They also plugged house show matches between Bulldog and Owen. And Bulldog did get a nice reaction in his return.


WWF Live Event News. We get Todd Pettengill voicing over a hype video for the “Hart Attack Tour.” This tour took place at the Nassau Coliseum, Meadowlands Arena, and Madison Square Garden. Which are all in the same area. Matches included are the “Bob Backlund Challenge,” 1-2-3 Kid vs. Abe “Knuckleball” Schwartz, IRS vs. Duke Droese, Smoking Gunns vs. Heavenly Bodies, Doink vs. Jerry Lawler, Lex Luger vs. Tatanka, Bret Hart vs. Jim Neidhart for the World Heavyweight Title, and Undertaker vs. Yokozuna in a casket match. I’ll have more about this tour later on and likely review either the Meadowlands or MSG show.


Shawn Michaels & Diesel vs. Rod Bell & Kevin Krueger

Vince tells us that Shawn is now a columnist for “WWF Magazine.” Shawn runs over Krueger then toys with him for a bit and sets him up to get clotheslined by Diesel. Back inside, Shawn hits a jumping back elbow smash then tags out as Diesel hammers away. Bell tags in and gets destroyed as Vince talks about The Headshrinkers looking for revenge and getting another title shot. The champs use quick tags to maintain control as Vince brings up Shawn & Diesel having “personal differences” but at the end of the day are businessmen. Shawn tags out after hitting a super kick then Diesel uses the Jackknife but tags out as Shawn, now wearing his hat, makes an arrogant cover for the win (3:42).

Thoughts: They’re playing up the conflict between Shawn & Diesel over what happened at SummerSlam. Also, the Headshrinkers will be getting title matches to try and win back the belts. And that team will have some changes we will talk about soon enough.


We see the history between Lawler and Doink to hype up their feud.


Doink the Clown w/ Dink vs. Sonny Rogers

Lawler yells about Doink & Dink as Vince says they just like to play pranks and are not mean spirited. Doink offers Rogers a pogo stick and Rogers uses it but falls as it was gimmicked. Doink slams Rogers a few times then hits an atomic drop. Dink bounces on the bottom rope as Vince says he is having “fun.” Doink now works the arm but gets whipped into the corner and knocks Dink on the mat. Rogers attacks Doink from behind now we see Lawler leave the booth. Lawler takes Dink’s tricycle and slams it against the ring post. Rogers uses a chin lock as Vince screams about what Lawler did not being a practical joke. Lawler comes back laughing as Dink’s tricycle is destroyed. Rogers covers for two but Doink fights back then hits the Whoopie Cushion for the win (3:09). Vince keeps screaming at Lawler over what he did then Doink & Dink finally see the destroyed bike as Lawler is laughing and they end up chasing him backstage.

Thoughts: More heat for the Doink/Lawler feud with Lawler destroying up Dink’s tricycle. So naturally, we should expect Doink & Dink to get revenge once again over Lawler messing with Dink.


We get a vignette of someone we’ve never seen behind a WWF update desk talking about King Kong Bundy returning. We then see the stage shake and cut to Bundy, who has picked up the set and is laughing. Some green screen trickery here. They hyped him like he actually was King Kong here. According to Bundy in his shoot interview with “Pro Wrestling Diaries,” he left the WWF in 1988 then worked for a computer company and owned a bar before working some shows in the Northeast starting in late 1993.


Jeremy White is the special guest ring announcer. He’s extremely quiet to the point you cannot hear what he is saying. However, we learn he is the son of NFL star Reggie White then the camera cuts to White in the front row.


Gary Jackson vs. Tatanka w/ Ted DiBiase

So, after appearing in a suit last week, Tatanka comes out to the same theme song with the same attire. Tatanka hammers away as Vince yells about Tatanka selling out and how we should never doubt Luger again. Tatanka stays in control as DiBiase tells us this is the new and improved Tatanka. Who looks and wrestles the same way mind you. Tatanka sends Jackson outside and chops him down before intensely starring at the crowd. Back inside, Jackson rolls up Tatanka for a two count then gets another two with a sunset flip. Jackson fires away but Tatanka chops him down. Tatanka heads up top after a slam and uses a flying chop then the Renegade Drop for the win (2:45). Tatanka stomps Jackson after the match as Vince teases Lawler about getting White to go after him.

Thoughts: I really didn’t get why Tatanka’s gear was not changed, especially after how much they hyped him coming out in a suit a few weeks ago for his interview on the “Heartbreak Hotel.” Also, besides a few snarls and slightly more aggression he wrestled the exact same way as before.


The Backlund interview from RAW is shown.


Adam Bomb vs. Barry Horowitz

Vince once again asks why Backlund did not apply the chicken wing on a wrestler instead of a magazine editor. Bomb slams Horowitz as the announcers bring up how Backlund said he would quit wrestling forever if someone escaped his chicken wing. Bomb catches Horowitz with a powerslam then uses a standing dropkick. Vince brings up Bomb accepting Bam Bam Bigelow’s challenge several weeks ago as Bomb now uses a chin lock. Horowitz uses a jawbreaker then hammers away as Vince once again talks about telling Reggie White how Lawler made fun of his sun. Bomb then fights back and puts Horowitz away with the Atom Smasher (2:36).

Thoughts: The announcers talked about Backlund and Vince once again teased Lawler about having White come after him but they also seem to be going back to plugging the Bomb/Bigelow feud. However, he underwent shoulder surgery right after this TV taping and missed a month of action and that feud would be delayed once again.


We get an ad for the “Action Zone,” a show promising more action and less talk. It premiers on 10/23.


We cut to Paul Bearer & The Undertaker calling out Yokozuna to hype up their matches on the Hart Attack tour.


Yokozuna w/ Jim Cornette vs. Gary Scott

Lawler promises to make The Undertaker kiss his feet to hype their match this Tuesday on a house show at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center. Yokozuna skies Scott with a back drop as the announcers now talk about his casket matches against Undertaker as part of the Hart Attack tour. Yokozuna drops Scott then chokes him out with his foot. Scott tries to fight back but Yokozuna plants him with an uranage and gets the win (1:55). Yokozuna & Cornette head backstage then the Undertaker’s gong hits and Yokozuna freaks out as Vince yells about Yokozuna getting stuffed into the double-wide, double-deep casket.

Thoughts: The highlight here was Vince going into overdrive in selling the casket match taking place at house shows. However, this is pretty much the same feud, with Yokozuna petrified of the supernatural aspect of Undertaker as well as the casket, but since what happened to Undertaker at the Royal Rumble the Undertaker getting revenge is a natural progression.


The same WWF Live Event News segment to hype the Hart Attack tour.


Next week in action are IRS, Mabel, Jim Neidhart, Razor Ramon, and the debut of Abe “Knuckleball” Schwartz. Plus, an interview with Lex Luger and more!


Final Thoughts: Given how much they showed and talked about Backlund its clear his push is only going to get stronger. They also furthered the Lawler/Doink feud but we also saw how Tatanka is no different than before in his first televised match after turning and the rest of the show was Vince doing everything he can to sell us on the upcoming house shows, which really struggled post-SummerSlam.