Rusev and Dolph

Hey Scott,

This question has been breaking my brain for years now: What exactly did Dolph or Rusev do to warrant the insane misuse that they they've received for years?

Here are 2 guys who should've been in prime positions for years:

Dolph: The perfect asshole heel with stupid blond hair and punchable face who perfected the '80s HS snob role almost from the moment he debuted.  He easily could've been the next HBK or, if WWE wasn't in the market for that, the first Seth Rollins. Yet Vince literally laughed DURING A RAW when the idea of Dolph main eventing came up. He can talk. He has the body. You can't even argue size since he's basically as big as Seth.  Literally everything you could say about Miz, you could say about him but with wrestling ability. And yet his most successful gimmick has been the guy who points out how badly he's been misused.

Rusev: He's been a believable main event almost from the moment he debuted. His initially Drago act with Lana was absolutely perfect and he's developed into an extremely well-rounded wrestler over the past several years. Instead, they've completely ignored him since the '15 Cena feud and even through several career renaissances (Rusev Day, etc…) Beyond this, he's stayed motivated throughout his burial, getting better and better in the ring while also staying in shape. He could easily be booked in a Brock feud and, as least from a size POV, seem like legit competition.  I know Vince was pissed when Lana posted pics of their marriage but did that warrant being completely ignored?

Am I missing something?  Granted complaining about Dolph misuse is so 2013 but it still baffles me.


You lost me at "Dolph Ziggler could have been the next HBK."  Granted he lost a lot of steam with the concussion in 2012, but DOLPH ZIGGLER?  That's gonna be a pass from me.  

As for Rusev, who the hell knows with Vince.  Rusev probably sneezed in 2017 or something and that was it for his push forever.