The Cheap and Lazy SUPER BOWL SUNDAY Thread!

Who’s ready for some FOOTBALL?  Although we here at the Blog of Doom do not normally care about the sport or endorse specific teams, there is one team that I do take a rooting interest in.

DATELINE:  MLW and Dragon Gate now have a working relationship.  Really, the more of these smaller groups that can band together, the better it is for everyone.

DATELINE:  Tegan Nox will now face Dakota Kai in a street fight at Takeover Portland.  Goddamn that show is gonna be a banger, innit?

DATELINE:  The Guerrillas of Destiny regained the IWGP tag team titles on New Japan’s USA tour.   Not a very auspicious tag title reign for Juice, sadly.

And if you want something to watch today, Impact has posted the first ever TNA PPV to YouTube.  Midget garbage wrestling and all.  I might actually bookmark that one and redo it on Monday, actually.