Jerry Lawler vs Austin Idol (The Hair Match That Shocked Memphis)

Scott, if you're ever looking for more Memphis to review look no

further: It's the entire saga leading up

the famous Lawler/Rich hair cage match, plus the match itself. I found

this ages ago and I never get tired of watching it. Quality isn't

great, but that shouldn't bother you unless you're Baconman in


It’s more that I really prefer to deal with officially released stuff only, like the Lawler collections.  I find that it’s more interesting to delve into what was edited out of a given show or how it was repackaged or whatever. Just watching random bootleg episodes of stuff on YouTube doesn’t really appeal to me as a reviewer.  I mean, I literally have a giant stack of Memphis and Mid South shows burned on DVDs that I bought online years ago.  If I just want to watch that stuff, I already have it.