Booking Philosophy

Hey Scott,

Reading through your Observer recap and how it starts with the philosophies of Flair vs. Hogan (heel champion escaping the faces chasing him versus a dominant face beating the monster of the week) and I find it very interesting that the three American wrestling promotions people talk about (sorry RoH and Impact) all are definitely in team Flair with a heel champ surrounded by a posse of goons. Now NWA and AEW haven't been around long enough to establish a pattern, but it seems interesting that these three nascent, 'hot' smark darling wrestling programs are all relying on the same main-event storyline.

Why do you think that's what these promotions are doing and do you think that maybe one of these companies should go a Hogan route (NXT with Keith Lee, AEW with Kenny, NWA with…okay I'll get back to you) and do you think that a relatively 'smarky' crowd could tolerate a Hogan type champion or would they just hate it?


They'd hate it.  I think history has now shown that Flair's philosophy was the correct one.