WWE Friday Night Party Thread, Episode 18 — THE MONSTER AMONG GOLD

We made it!

I want to thank those who read my PTPW review.  March 7th is their next show, and IWTV will livestream.

Well, SmackDown is loaded tonight, and the main event is a title match!  Shinsuke Nakamura was already known to be a very tough opponent, and he takes great pride in the new Intercontinental Title design given him by Sami Zayn.  But Braun Strowman isn’t impressed, and in fact he beat the Artist in a non-title encounter.  As per the rules of wrestling, this means they rematch with the title on the line!  Can the Monster Among Men get his first singles title?  His track record when the lights shine bright is not what he would hope for…

Last Friday, Roman Reigns and his cousins the Usos came out victorious over King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, and Robert Roode.  On Sunday, Reigns and Corbin met in a Falls Count Anywhere match, and their respective teammates got involved.  Now, we’re running it back — the six-man tag match gets the rematch!

The New Day has held the titles throughout most of the SmackDown On Fox tenure.  Recently, the Miz has been a thorn in their side, and he’s brought back John Morrison with him!  However, as long as New Day are champs, it’s not as easy as challenging — they have to earn it.  Tonight, a four-way tag match with the Dirt Sheet, the Revival, Heavy Machinery, and the Lucha House Party will go a long way towards seeing if Miz and Morrison — or, for that matter, anyone else — is knocking on the door of a title shot.

Chad Gable faced Sheamus at the Royal Rumble kickoff show, and despite putting in a very good effort, “Shorty G” came up, well, short as the Celtic Warrior took the W.  However, many people in WWE noted how good Gable looked in defeat.  That doesn’t sit well with Sheamus, and he wants to end the conversation now — so he’s demanded another match!  Will this backfire?

Once the show’s done, everyone can run over to ESPN and check out the Blazers playing the Lakers in the Kobe Bryant Memorial Game.  Or, if you want, subscribe to IWTV — there’s no streaming this weekend, but they’ve got a heck of an archive.  Where do you think I get my indie fix?

All right, folks, we went over the thread instructions in the back.  I want a good, clean conversation at all times.  No cheap shots.  Now, touch keyboards, keep it clean, and come out swinging.  Let’s get it on!