Nick Aldis

Meltzer said on his show today that after watching Aldis on Powerrr this past week he considered him one of the Top 3 active promos in the business with Jericho and Cody being the others getting mention. Now that you're back watching NWA again and have a handful of episodes under your belt, where do you rank Nick Aldis in terms of: 
a) His promo game
b) Compared to other top title holders in other promotions. 

P.S: Is his rise to single-handedly building a promotion from scratch and carrying it to semi-relevance the epilogue of the eventual LOLTNA book someone will write? 
I dunno, I certainly wouldn't have seen it coming with him while he was there as Magnus.  That last episode of Powerrr was really, REALLY great though.  Between the Aldis segments and the drunken tag team segment, it was more fun than I've had in a long time.  I'd still put Jericho above Aldis on promos, but he's right up there for sure.