What the World Was Watching: WCW Worldwide – December 23, 1995

WCW Prime for December 18 featured a couple of original bouts, with Chris Cruise and Dusty Rhodes on commentary.  They are sporting Santa hats for the show.

Chris Benoit & Brian Pillman (1-0) defeated Steve & Scott Armstrong (1-5) when Benoit pins Steve after a dropkick-dragon suplex combination at 6:09:

Scott runs wild during the early going, awkwardly trying to figure out how to strike Pillman so he just starts wildly chopping at the air.  While both teams are capable of tearing it up, the time limit just makes this an average tag match where Steve gets the hot tag but soon falls victim to a dropkick-dragon suplex combination that Benoit and Pillman actually do manage to convincingly pull off this time.  Rating:  **

The Super Assassins (3-0-1) (w/Colonel Robert Parker) defeat Johnny Boone & Bill Weaver when Super Assassin #1 pins Boone after Demolition Decapitation at 2:26:

This is a quick squash for the Assassins who pulverize the smaller jobbers with a diverse arsenal of power moves.  It seemed like WCW was going to make a feud between the Assassins and the Nasty Boys after their double count out on Saturday Night a few weeks ago but nothing has come of that.

WCW Pro’s show for December 23 either did not air or existing footage is unavailable.  As a result, we head to WCW Worldwide for December 23 with Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan calling the action.  They are taped, as per usual, from Orlando, Florida.  Schiavone eschews his usual shirt and tie for a red sweater and gold chain.

Opening Contest:  Lex Luger (w/Jimmy Hart) (14-3) beats Rick Garcia via submission to the Torture Rack at 4:10:

In a battle of men in black tights Garcia flips around Luger several times until Luger tires of that and knocks his block off with a clothesline.  A series of suplexes follow until Luger hits the powerslam and applies the Torture Rack.

Shinjiro Otani (w/Sonny Onoo) defeats Bart Sawyer with a super hurricanrana at 3:20:

Otani moves quickly in the ring, even walking at a fast pace as he stalks Sawyer and pounds away.  Sawyer mounts more offense than any other squash he has been in this year, nearly winning after a bulldog.  Otani rebounds with a springboard dropkick to set up a super hurricanrana, giving fans a reason to look forward to his Starrcade clash with Alex Wright.

Sting (41-2-1) beats Dave Dalton via submission to the Scorpion Deathlock at 3:02:

Sting is well above doing squashes.  Can you imagine Hulk Hogan doing these matches?  However, it does fire up the Disney crowd as Dalton stands no chance and manages no offense.

Non-Title Match:  Johnny B. Badd (Television Champion w/Kimberly) (50-5-3) pins Scott D’Amore after the Badd Mood at 2:05:

Before the bell D’Amore tries to touch the television title too much and Badd takes exception to that.  Badd dropkicks D’Amore out of the ring to set up the Badd Mood, which has been modified to finish with a slingshot splash as opposed to a leg drop.

Gene Okerlund interviews United States Champion Kensuke Sasaki and Sonny Onoo.  Onoo says that Sasaki will destroy Sting for a second time at Starrcade.

Non-Title Match:  Kensuke Sasaki (United States Champion w/Sonny Onoo) (3-1) beats Mr. J.L. (2-4) via submission to Strangle Hold Beta at 5:24:

For whatever reason, “Mr.” has been taken out of J.L.’s name in ring introductions as Dave Penzer refers to him as “the Mysterious J.L.”  WCW’s explanation for why Sasaki is not defending the title at Starrcade is because he does not want to, leading Schiavone to make a good case for how WCW officials should make Sasaki defend it because the title he wears belongs to WCW and not New Japan.  J.L. manages to do very little, with Sasaki pulling him up after a suplex and breaking a Scorpion Deathlock before J.L. can submit.  Eventually, a fisherman’s buster and Strangle Hold Beta put J.L. away for good.  It would have made more sense for Sasaki to win with the Deathlock since that would be a good way to taunt Sting going into StarrcadeRating:  *

Heenan gives Schiavone a Christmas gift.  Schiavone opens it to reveal a lot of toilet paper and nothing inside.  Heenan claims that someone robbed him because a Rolex was supposed to be inside the box.  Schiavone laughs and says that he sent an orphanage $1,000 in Heenan’s name.  Heenan cries over not getting $1,000 as a personal gift.

The Last Word:  The last episode of WCW Worldwide for 1995 was pretty pedestrian since the feature bout was bland.  The Shinjiro Otani-Buzz Sawyer match was fun, though, since Otani allowed Sawyer to get in a decent amount of offense before finishing him off.

Up Next:  WCW Saturday Night for December 23!