The SmarK Rant for NWA Powerrr – 01.28.20

The SmarK Rant for NWA Powerrr – 01.28.20

Episode 16 – “Dealer vs. Villain”

Taped from Atlanta, GA

Your hosts are Joe Galli & Stu Bennett

So Nick Aldis successfully defended against Flip Gordon at the PPV, which means Aldis gets to “call all the shots” in the war against ROH, whatever that might entail.

And at the desk, it’s SEAN MOONEY!  Now that’s a great pickup.  Nick Aldis joins him as his first guest, and he wants to point out that he’s not a man who boasts or brags, and he puts over Flip Gordon as a formidable opponent.  Until he faces Aldis, at which point he becomes FLOP Gordon.  Hopefully he brought some salve for that SICK BURN.  Mooney brings up the point that he had Scurll escorted from the building at Hard Times, so maybe he’s afraid of Marty?  Nick is OFFENDED, and he just wanted to make sure there was no “shenanigans, tomfoolery, skullduggery and the like” from Scurll, because you know he’s kind of person.  This is a man after my own heart.  Also, he had a sitdown with the Villain, and we’ll see it TONIGHT, ON THIS VERY SHOW.  At the very end.

Royce Isaacs v. Andre Guhn

The crowd immediately chants “Let’s go Andre” to annoy Isaacs, so he chops Guhn in the corner and then cuts off a leapfrog attempt with a dropkick to the knee.  Fisherman’s suplex gets two. Isaacs works the neck, but misses a charge and Guhn comes back with a dropkick to send Royce to the floor.  Isaacs gets all distracted by trash talk from Sal Rinauro on commentary, and he’s almost counted out, but sprints back into the ring and gets rolled up for two.  Isaacs puts Guhn down with a clothesline again and then follows with a full nelson into a release german suplex to finish at 3:20.  Nice little story here.  *1/2

Meanwhile, we get a video package replay of something with Eddie Kingston getting mauled by the Dawsons, which looks like it was supposed to be last week, but wasn’t on that show.

Thunder Rosa and her crew join us at the desk, and Kyle Davis announces that Rosa will defend against Allysin Kay in the rematch next week.  Rosa gets all emotional talking about how they made history, and Melina cuts her off with “Let’s save all this emo crap for another time” and wraps it up.

Meanwhile, at Hard Times, Ricky Starks runs the table and wins the NWA TV title.

Meanwhile, Marty Scurll has been waiting around for Aldis for 20 minutes.  He’s got stuff to do!

Ricky Starks joins us for his victory promo, and he’s not trying to rewrite history, but just add a few pages to the book.  So Ricky calls out Zicky Dice for a rap session, and Zicky is threatening everyone with lawyers for bringing in some “mutant” who doesn’t even work here, and ruining his chance at the TV title.  Zicky’s FANNY PACK alone cost $16,000!  Ricky argues that point and thinks his gold is worth more than Dice’s crappy fanny pack, and THEM’S FIGHTING WORDS.

This was actually amazing.  Dice has quite the TV presence.

NWA TV title:  Ricky Starks v. Zicky Dice

So we continue with the 6:05 time limits in these title matches, which is great.  Dice controls with an atomic drop and gyrates a lot, but Starks flips out of a slam and gets some armdrags and a dropkick to send Zicky running.  Back in, Dice goes up and gets caught coming down, but recovers with some choking in the corner.  So the announcers give us a new wrinkle in the TV title division:  If you successfully defend the title 7 times in a row, you get a shot at the NWA World champion.  Dice gets chops in the corner, but Ricky takes him down with a sling blade and follows with a missile dropkick for two.  They slug it out and Dice loses that one, but gets a knee to the gut instead and sets up the neckbreaker.  Starks counters out and into the Stroke, which finishes at 4:07.  Really fun match and Dice is growing on me like fungus or head lice.  **1/2

Eli Drake & James Storm joins us for their victory promo, but they get interrupted by Aron Stevens & The Question Mark, in the name of karate.  Or KA-RAH-TAY.  Stevens denies all claims of cowardice in the face of Scott Steiner, because he had somewhere to be immediately after the match.  Storm points out that he looks just like “that stupid cow from Chick-Fil-A” but not as rich.  “I’M A VEGAN!” protests Stevens. So James goes on a run of mildly racist Bruce Lee jokes (he’s been drinking a LITTLE bit, you see) and finishes with the classic “Interrupting cow” knock-knock joke.  “Did you drive here by yourself?” asks Stevens, as even Eli Drake leaves Storm hanging on a high five for the knock knock joke.  So then Drake does a while bit with Joe Galli while Stevens makes disgusted faces.  “This yay-hoo looks like he went shopping at the bondage rack in Hustler” Drake notes, and then gives him a card because they’ll call when it’s time for a tag title shot.  “Moo,” notes Storm on the way out, but Stevens threatens them with a KARATE PARTY.  And then Trevor Murdoch wanders out admits that Ricky Starks was the better man at the PPV, because he’s a FIGHTING CHAMPION.  Unlike Aron Stevens, who happens to have a National title match next week against Murdoch.  So Question Mark hits him with a KA-RAH-TAY blow and we’re out.  This was just so wacky and fun, a bunch of guys riffing on each other without all the stupid scripted stuff.  Go out of your way to at least watch this segment.

Meanwhile, after making Scurll wait for 20 minutes, Aldis finally shows up for their meeting, and he’s frustrated because he does everything right and goes above and beyond for the company, but somehow people have the CRAZY notion that HE’S the difficult one.  In fact, he’s particularly hurt because he’s known Marty all his life, and Marty’s always been one of the good guys in the business, but then Marty went and DARED to challenge Nick for the title at Crockett Cup last year.  And then Marty used the notoriety from that shot to get a huge deal with ROH, and now he’s here in the NWA getting all up in Nick’s business.  So Marty complains about never getting a World title in 15 years and then nearly beating Nick.  Nick points out that he already put up the title and tapped out Scurll.  How many chances does Marty need?  Just one more, apparently.  He doesn’t want any of the money, so Nick agrees to the match on his conditions:  Nick gets all the money from the purse, and if Marty fails to win the title, he personally cuts a cheque to refund the money of everyone in the building at the Crockett Cup.  Because hey, what good is being World champion if he can’t use it to get paid?  And with that, we’re out for the week.  What a great heel Aldis has turned into!

So yeah, almost no wrestling on the show this week, but if you’re into the wacky coked-up promos of days gone by, this is the episode for you.  I had a blast with this one, and it efficiently set up a whole bunch of future matches, including the main event of the next PPV in April already.

Man, this show has come roaring back and turned into the most purely entertaining wrestling show on TV now.  Hopefully they can keep it going through April.