Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #353 – 29/01/2000

Hello You!

The highlight of the show was last week was a face off between ECW World Champ Mike Awesome and ECW TV Champ Rob Van Dam, setting up a possible Title For Title collision between the two for later down the line.

In addition, Sabu returned to ECW, only to help Awesome leave RVD and Bill Alphonso laid out. He will be in action this week against CW Anderson.

Let’s watch some chuffing wrestling!

This week’s matches were taped from New Orleans, Louisiana

Calling the action is Joey Styles

Joey is in front of the ECW Banner, where he recaps the angle from last week that I described in the opening blurb.

Show Intro: This week’s tagline is “Tonight, Mardi Gras Goes Hardcore, It’s ECW From New Orleans”

Joey encourages us to get our friends to watch ECW before sending us down to the ring for our opener.

Opening Match
Ricky Banderas Vs Super Crazy

Banderas would go on to play Judas Mesias in TNA before becoming Mil Muertes in Lucha Underground. He was merely in is sophomore year in the wrestling business here, and he already has the purple and black colour scheme that he’d use in TNA. In a funny bit, Crazy points to the TNN sign on the entrance way whilst he makes his entrance, clearly not knowing that this was being taped for Hardcore TV, so Joey just smoothly throws in a plug for the TNN show to make it seems less out of place.

Banderas has a decent look here actually, but I think the WWF would have considered him too short during this era. Banderas gets quite a bit of offence in during the opening sections, and even throws Crazy outside for a dive. Crazy manages to counter a rana attempt into a powerbomb though and gets a Quebrada for two before doing the dos punetazo’s in the corner. Banderas replies with a nice Tornado DDT for two and then throws Crazy outside for some brawling before putting him back inside for two.

Banderas still looks kind of green here, but he’s been basically fine for a guy with his level of experience. Crazy eventually has enough and folds Banderas up with a big powerbomb before heading up top for a moonsault, which gets him the three count.


Fine for a TV opener. Banderas got showcased a bit and looked alright before Crazy got the clean win to keep him ticking over.


Back from the break, we get clips from TNN where Francine tries to convince Raven to wrestle with Tommy Dreamer against Steve Corino and Raven. Raven said he’s annoyed that Tommy hasn’t thanked him for saving Francine from a Singapore cane shot at Guilty As Charged. We then see that Tommy Dreamer drafted in American Footballer Josh Wilcox instead. However, Wilcox turned on him and this allowed Rhino to pick up the win. Dusty Rhodes then made the save and actually dropped the Bionic Elbow on Wilcox. I’ll say this for Wilcox, he sold that elbow well.

Corino, Rhino, Wilcox and Jack Victory (High Spot!) cut a promo backstage. Corino tells Dreamer that he can’t trust anyone. Wilcox reveals that he did what he did for the money.


Joey is disgusted that Wilcox would take the money to help Corino.


Simon Diamond is in the ring with his own personal ring announcer Mitch. Mitch does a completely over the top introduction for his man, which leads to Jazz attacking to start the next match.

Match Two
New Orleans Street Fight
Simon Diamond w/ Mitch Vs Jazz

Jazz is in her hometown here, so I’m thinking she’ll pick up the win and that’ll bring the Andy Kaufman inspired feud between the two to an end. Jazz shines on Diamond for a bit, but Diamond is able to block a move from her in the corner and starts working her over. Jazz tries to fight back, but Diamond puts a stop to that with a sit out spine buster. Jazz manages to get a desperation swinging DDT, but Mitch breaks up the count, so she delivers the Jazz Stinger (X-Factor) to him. This allows Diamond to attack her from behind though and deliver the Simoniser (Fireman’s carry into a reverse DDT) and that’s enough for the win.


That felt very much like a “let’s give Diamond the win so we can finally get him out of this feud and actually try to do something with him” kind of win. The match itself was quite short but it was fine for what it was, and they at least didn’t completely job Jazz out in her hometown. She pretty much had it won until Mitch got involved


Lou E. Dangerously is in the ring annoying the crowd ahead of the Main Event.

Main Event
CW Anderson w/ “Beautiful” Billy and Lou E. Dangerously

Sabu, despite doing what seemed to be a strong heel turn last week, is pretty much the defacto face here due to The New Dangerous Alliance being so disliked. Joey seems to be sympathising with Sabu on commentary actually, calling Bill Alfonso an albatross around his neck and saying that ditching him and RVD will allow him to reach his full potential once again.

Sabu runs wild to start and then sets up a table between the ring and the metal railings around ringside. CW fights back though before Sabu can use the table, and tries to put him through it himself. Sabu fends him off however and then rana’s him down from the top rope back inside the ring. CW bails to regroup, so Sabu dives out onto Lou E and Billy. This allows CW to cut Sabu of briefly though and he starts working Sabu over inside the ring.

Lou E slides in a table for CW, but Sabu stops him from using it, so CW super kicks him down instead for two. CW lays Sabu out on the table and heads up top, but Sabu recovers and tries to rana him through it, only fight him off and then deliver the Anderson Spine Buster through the table for two. Hey, that’s more than I thought CW would get in this one, so this match is a net positive for him if nothing else.

Sabu decides he’s had enough of these Mother Luvin’ New Dangerous Members on this Monday to Friday wrestling show however, and destroys Lou and Billy with chair shots before leg dropping CW through the table for two. Wow, I thought that would be the finish. It kind of should have been actually, as that was the natural peak of the match. Sabu adds a Triple Jump Moonsault next to win it anyway, which makes me think the CW kick out might have been a mistake.


This was a decent outing for CW actually, as Sabu gave him a near fall and actually sold for him for a bit before finally polishing him off. Sabu lost nothing from it and CW looks like more of a threat going forward. That’ll do me!

Joey says that this new Sabu is someone people need to be worried about.

Rob Van Dam and Bill Alfonso are in the locker room. RVD says that Sabu can’t beat him for the ECW TV Champ, which is why he’s decided to join up with Mike Awesome. RVD says he has surpassed Sabu, and that Mike Awesome is impressive, but he’s not Rob Van Dam. I love that, that’s what this is all about. You put your opponent over on promo’s, because then it means something when you actually beat them.

We close with more clips from the RVD/Awesome confrontation from last week.

In Conclusion

This was more of a placeholder show, with Sabu and Super Crazy getting wins to keep them cooking along with some recaps of the major angles going on at the time. Nothing you need to run out of your way to see, but it was a breeze to watch and the wrestling was alright for the most part.