Could Marty Scurll save RoH?

People have basically been writing obits for Ring of Honor since last year's MSG show made them look so bad, and things only got worse from there in 2019. So I know I wasn't the only one surprised that Marty Scurll decided to stay with them, though his spot as lead booker seemed like a worthwhile carrot.

Since then, we've seen Marty, and other RoH guys, working with NWA. Now, it appears Marty will face Jay White over WM weekend, to give RoH a nice hook for that show:

So here's my question – could Marty Scurll save Ring of Honor? I know it's early in his reign, but it's already about 10,000 times more interesting than it was just 6 months ago. And because of Sinclair's backing & unlimited desire/need for content, it's not like RoH will be hurting for support.

Sidenote: It's only been one month, but 2020 has already been an extremely fascinating year of pro wrestling. 

ROH is in the interesting position of "company that can help a lot of other companies" but I don't think they're going to succeed on their own ever again.  Honestly they'd be better off going the route of developing talent and then getting a piece of the action when they move somewhere else.