Avenging Doom Patr… I mean Edge

So with Edge re-crippled story-wise, who's going to avenge him at Wrestlemania? 

1. Zack Ryder: Started his career as 21 to Edge's Monarch and Orton/Ryder haven't fought before to my knowledge. Plus give Ryder his token Wrestlemania bright spot moment in terms of him beating Orton there, to make up for the fact that he's been reduced to a jobber 364 days a year

2. CM Punk: Has an epic blood feud with Orton that predates his blood feud with Cena. One that was never resolved. From a promo standpoint, Punk and Orton have great chemistry and Orton in general is one of the few people that can push Punk's righteous indignation to a level beyond even Cena in terms of Punk selling Orton as pure evil in a person suit. 

3. Daniel Bryan: Again, longstanding unresolved blood feud with Orton, doesn't have much going on on Smackdown, and let's face it, you can get some mileage out of Orton wanting to recripple Bryan too since he's on a role…..  

4. Samoa Joe: He dug coal with Christian in TNA Impact and since Christian can't beat Randy Orton on his own, calls in a favor with Samoa Joe to have him avenge Edge for Christian

5. The Rock: Because Edge played Atom Smasher on Flash and Rock is set to play Black Adam and in the comics, Atom Smasher and Black Adam are BFFs who invaded not-Iraq with the rest of Infinity Inc to help him take back the country Black Adam used to rule in the past before he got exiled for fucking the Wizard Shazam's evil devil daughter. 

6. The Fiend: Because even evil has standards 

7. Asuka: Because no one would expect it and allow them to slowly dip their toes into intergender wrestling as a regular thing since it's already a big thing in the indie scene with two of their biggest names in male and female wrestling duking it out at Wrestlemania 

Well, I just got BAKE'D for the morning.