What the World Was Watching: WCW Monday Nitro – December 18, 1995

Eric Bischoff, Bobby Heenan, and Steve McMichael are in the booth and they are live from Augusta, Georgia.  According to thehistoryofwwe.com, 8,100 fans attended the show, with 3,000 paying to do so.

Madusa interrupts the announce crew, holding the WWF Women’s Championship.  She says she will always be Madusa and she dumps the WWF Women’s title in the trash can.  The promo was terrible, but this was a HUGE shock at the time since Madusa had just competed at Survivor Series weeks earlier and plans called her for to face Aja Kong at the Royal Rumble.  This incident had long-term ramifications too as Vince McMahon feared Bret Hart would do the same to the WWF title if he retained at the 1997 Survivor Series, thereby leading to the Montreal Screwjob.  Also, the WWF would not restart its women’s division until 1998.  WCW would attempt to create its own women’s division with Madusa as a centerpiece, but it never worked out.

McMichael calls out William “Refrigerator” Perry to protect them from future interruptions.  Heenan goes to shake Perry’s hand and screams in pain.

Opening Contest:  Ric Flair (18-6) pins Eddie Guerrero (18-3-4) with the figure-four leglock at 7:36:

These two were supposed to wrestle a month ago but Flair said Guerrero was beneath his level and Brian Pillman took his place.  Flair ends up as a face for the second week in a row as the Augusta fans loudly boo Guerrero when he mocks Flair’s strut and scores a near-fall from a springboard hurricanrana.  Flair is able to start working the knee when Guerrero is knocked off the top rope and to the arena floor and when he locks in the figure-four a lot of fans look at the entrance, waiting to see someone interfere.  That does not happen, but Flair’s use of the ropes causes Guerrero to get pinned in the hold.  The loss breaks Guerrero’s six-match winning streak.  The dead crowd for Guerrero’s offense hurt how this bout came across.  Rating:  ***

Okerlund interviews Flair and Arn Anderson.  Anderson says that he respects Paul Orndorff, but he learned last week never to attack a Horseman.  Kevin Sullivan and Jimmy Hart crash the interview, with Okerlund having to redirect Flair as to where the hard camera is.  Sullivan takes issue with Brian Pillman making fun of the Dungeon of Doom last week.  He warns Anderson to keep Pillman on a short leash or he is going to come looking for him.  Flair says everything is cool, but Anderson says if the Dungeon comes after Pillman then it could spark a war between the Dungeon and the Horsemen.

Sergeant Craig Pittman interrupts the announcers, although he struggles to hold the microphone properly, so Bischoff has to do it for him.  Pittman asks Heenan to manage him, but Heenan says he is retired.  He says he is happy to help him get someone else, though.  The biggest takeaway from this segment is that William Perry is awful at security.  He had ONE job to do tonight and failed miserably.

Lex Luger (w/Jimmy Hart) (13-3) defeats Marcus Bagwell (w/Scotty Riggs) (3-6) via submission to the Torture Rack at 3:08:

The nice thing about having tag teams is that you can use a member for singles matches and the tag guy has a built-in excuse for losing because they are not used to having to wrestle on their own.  Luger makes short work of Bagwell, powerslamming him and earning a relatively easy submission win.  Rating:  *

Okerlund interviews Luger and Hart.  Luger says he is the uncrowned WCW champion because he had Randy Savage beat several weeks ago.

Sting (40-2-1) defeats Earl Robert Eaton (w/Jeeves) (3-7-1) via submission to the Scorpion Deathlock at 3:58:

Eaton has not won a singles match since March and the Blue Bloods tag team is on a long losing streak too so he cannot catch a break.  Eaton misses a flying knee drop and after that a Stinger Splash and Scorpion Deathlock send him to the showers.  Sting is now 3-0 against Eaton this year.  Rating:  *

Okerlund interviews Sting, with Okerlund making it clear that the triangle match is a much bigger deal than the WCW-New Japan World Cup.  Sting says he still has not forgotten what Flair did to him in October.  He says he is miffed that Lex Luger thinks he has defeated everyone in WCW because he has not beaten him, and he says he wants to be world champion for the sixth time.

WCW Championship Match:  The Giant (w/Jimmy Hart & Kevin Sullivan) (3-0) beats Randy Savage (Champion) (22-5) via disqualification when Hulk Hogan interferes at 7:18:

Unsurprisingly, the Giant dominates Savage, throwing him around the ring like a ragdoll.  The match features some fun spots, with the Giant missing a splash off the top rope, allowing Savage to hit the flying elbow drop for a near-fall.  The Giant then throws a DROPKICK, which would be a believable finisher for a big guy, and tries to suplex Savage on the cement but Savage grabs the ropes to block it on the way down.  When action returns to the ring, the Giant chokeslams Savage and covers after a few seconds of taunting, but Hogan runs in and breaks that up, causing a disqualification.  This started slow but settled into a nice groove by the end.  Rating:  **½

After the bell, Hogan takes out referee Randy Anderson as the announcers scream that he is violating his probation.  Hogan smashes the Giant in the head with a chair a few times before attacking Sullivan.  Then, he destroys Doug Dillinger with a chair as William Perry and Steve McMichael try to calm him down.  Poor Perry nearly falls over during the melee.  And the best part of this segment?  It gets Hogan OVER with the fanbase.  Crazy to think that acting like a total badass will make fans cheer you.

After a commercial break, Okerlund interviews Hogan and Savage.  Hogan complains that everyone is getting a title shot except for him.  When the Giant comes out, Sullivan and Sergeant Craig Pittman of all people try to hold him back.  So Hogan runs down the aisle and clocks the Giant with a chair to few more times to massive cheers.  After that, Hogan comes back into the ring and demands that Savage give him a title shot.  That ruins the goodwill Hogan just earned, as fans boo that idea.  Savage says if he can make it through Starrcade with the title then he will give Hogan a title shot.  Hogan also calls out McMichael and Perry and says he will take them if they cross him again.  Savage closes the segment by asking Hogan to autograph the chair he uses so he can make money, wanting to jump on the growing eBay market.

Tune in next week to see Randy Savage defend the WCW title against Ric Flair!

The Last Word:  This was a home run episode of Monday Nitro with a fun opening and closing match and a wild angle to end the broadcast with Hulk Hogan wiping out people with chairs.  Randy Savage has been made to look like a total schmuck as champion, though, as he never legitimately won the title and would have lost it to Lex Luger and the Giant without Hogan’s help.

Monday Night War Rating:  2.7 (vs. 2.3 for Monday Night RAW – Razor Ramon vs. Yokozuna for the Intercontinental Championship)

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