Monday Night Raw – January 27, 2020

Monday Night Raw
Date: January 27, 2020
Location: AT&T Center, San Antonio, Texas
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Jerry Lawler

It’s officially a new era as we are on the Road to Wrestlemania, featuring new #1 contender Drew McIntyre. I’ve waited a long time to say that but now it’s true, with McIntyre eliminating Brock Lesnar from the Royal Rumble and then winning the whole match, meaning he’s off to Wrestlemania. Tonight we might get to see what all is coming up for Wrestlemania. Let’s get to it.

We open with a look back at last night’s Royal Rumble.

Opening sequence.

Here’s Drew McIntyre to open the show. Drew loves the sound of being introduced as the Royal Rumble winner, so let’s get this out of the way: he challenges Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. Last night he saw the fear in Brock’s eyes and knows that he can beat Lesnar. He wants a Claymore party tonight though and that means it’s open challenge time. Cue the OC to say they’ll both fight him right now. That’s fine with Drew, so ring the bell.

Drew McIntyre vs. OC

Drew starts fast by chopping Anderson and beats up Gallows as a bonus. A top rope ax handle hits Anderson and there’s the Futureshock to Gallows. The Claymore hits them both and it’s a double pin at 2:21. Total squash and that’s how you make a star.

Post match here’s Lesnar to F5 McIntyre.

Classic Edge Moment: TLC II.

Rey Mysterio vs. MVP

I’m glad MVP brought back the intro to his theme song. Feeling out process to start and we go to an early standoff with MVP smiling. Rey gets knocked down with a big boot for two but he sends MVP outside with a headscissors as we take a break. Back with Rey picking up the pace with some elbows but he walks into a World’s Strongest Slam. Ballin connects but Rey is right back with….well it was supposed to be a 619 but MVP stood up so the feet just grazed him in the back. The springboard splash hits MVP in the back for the pin at 8:59.

Rating: C-. They were in different books there at the end but it’s nice to have MVP’s music back if nothing else. I only started to get into him near the end of his run so it’s nice to have him back. I’m not sure how much I need to see him on a regular basis, but it’s fine for a veteran presence in the short term.

We look back at the opening segment, including Lesnar taking out McIntyre. The title match is official for Wrestlemania.

Aleister Black vs. Kenneth Johnson

Johnson was in the Cruiserweight Classic and it’s Black Mass for the pin at 35 seconds.

Post match Black isn’t happy with losing the Royal Rumble last night. He owns that loss, but there is something that needs to change. Over the last few months, he has made the mistake of waiting for people to come after him. From now on, he is bringing the fight to them.

We look back at last week’s Tag Team Title change.

Here are Buddy Murphy and Seth Rollins for a chat before their title defense. Rollins talks about how winning the Royal Rumble wasn’t in the cards last night, but the positive was that neither Kevin Owens nor Samoa Joe are going to Wrestlemania either. The other good thing is that Rollins now has Buddy Murphy by his side. As for tonight, Owens and Joe want a title shot so get out here.

Cue Owens and Joe, with Owens saying Rollins still talks too much. Rollins wants a fight right now and Joe wants to know why Rollins is willing to fight tonight. Owens thinks the TOP might be ready to jump them but Rollins has told them to stay in the back and even has a live camera feed ready to prove that they’re not coming. Joe thinks that might be fake and yes, he is calling Rollins a liar. After seeing more of the camera feed, Owens confirms that they are in Rollins’ dressing room. Therefore, the Viking Raiders jump the AOP and let’s have this title match.

Classic Edge Moment: Cashing in Money in the Bank for the first time.

Raw Tag Team Titles: Buddy Murphy/Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe/Kevin Owens

Joe and Owens are challenging. Joe knocks Rollins to the floor to start so it’s Murphy coming in and getting dropped as well. Murphy’s comeback is cut off with a shoulder so Owens comes in to pound away in the corner. A Vader Bomb elbow gives Owens two and Joe drops an elbow for the same. The Russian legsweep gets two on Murphy and it’s Owens coming back in to keep up the beating.

Rollins manages a blind tag and comes in to stomp away on Joe as Lawler can’t get why Rollins is being booed. Murphy is back in rather quickly as Rollins is backdropped to the floor, leaving Murphy to miss his dive as Joe steps to the side (that never gets old). A suicide dive crushes Murphy on the floor and we take a break. Back with Joe having been sent to the back due to how he landed off the dive.

Murphy drives some knees to the back and grabs the chinlock for a bit. Owens fights up and sends Rollins into the corner, with the frog splash getting two. A jumping knee to the face gives Murphy two but Owens’ pop up sitout powerbomb gets the same. Murphy gets shoved off the top for a Swanton so Rollins has to make a save this time. Owens is back up with a flip dive to Rollins but Murphy knees him into the ropes. Rollins misses the stomp and takes a Stunner, only to have Murphy grab a rollup with tights for the pin at 15:50.

Rating: C. The Joe absence took something away from it and that’s a little annoying. I’ll take that over the title change though as there isn’t much of a reason to switch them again, especially when Rollins is still establishing the army against everyone else. Owens looks good, but I really hope they don’t do the same thing with the roles reversed next week.

Classic Edge Moment: Returning to win the 2010 Royal Rumble.

Becky Lynch calls last night a big victory. After she won, she looked at the title and it hit her: she really is in a whole different league than the rest of those dopes because she’s beaten everyone. She’d be down with facing Charlotte, and shows off a GOAT jacket.

US Title: Andrade vs. Humberto Carrillo

Andrade is defending in a rematch from last night. Humberto dropkicks him at the bell and takes it to the floor for a bit with Andrade taking over. Back in and Andrade stomps away in the corner with some choking thrown in for a bonus. Humberto sends him over the top though and it’s the big flip dive to follow as we take a break.

Back with Andrade stomping away even more but missing the running knees in the corner. A spinebuster puts Humberto down but he’s right back with a headscissors. The springboard spinning crossbody gets two and the rolling moonsault is good for the same. Andrade breaks up a springboard to send Carrillo crashing onto the back of his head. Humberto is right back with some kicks of his own and the moonsault connects, only to have Zelina Vega come in for the DQ at 10:43.

Rating: C. I’m still not feeling it from Humberto and the match wasn’t anything great. If nothing else, there wasn’t much of a reason to do the match again, but that has never stopped WWE before. Humberto needs something to make people care about him and beating Andrade via DQ isn’t enough.

Post match Humberto is livid and beats up Andrade before peeling back the floor mats. The hammerlock DDT plants Andrade into the concrete for a change.

Classic Edge Moment: His retirement in 2011.

Here’s Charlotte to brag about winning last night but that’s what she does, because she’s Charlotte. We see some highlights from last night and Charlotte announces that she will be challenging….for a championship because she hasn’t made up her mind yet. Cue the Kabuki Warriors with Asuka shouting in Japanese. Charlotte thinks that’s a challenge and the beatdown is on.

Charlotte vs. Asuka

They lock up in a hurry to start and it’s Asuka taking over with the kicks. A running kick to the face gives Asuka two and Charlotte is looking shaken early on. More kicks to the back have Charlotte in more trouble but the running hip attack misses. Charlotte is back with a clothesline and blocks a bulldog, allowing her to start in on the leg. Asuka kicks her into the corner though and hits a release German suplex.

The missile dropkick gives Asuka two and the Octopus makes it even worse for Charlotte. That’s broken up as well and Charlotte hits a basement dropkick. Charlotte takes her up for a super Spanish Fly but a Sane distraction lets Asuka shove her down as we take a break. Back with Asuka hitting a German suplex and forearming away. Another missile dropkick misses though and Charlotte hits a big boot for two.

Charlotte’s moonsault misses though and Asuka grabs something like an upside down Koji Clutch on the mat. That’s broken up so Asuka goes with a triangle choke, with Charlotte reversing with a hard sitout powerbomb. Back up and Asuka hits a running Codebreaker for two but the Asuka Lock doesn’t work. Charlotte’s spear gets two and the Figure Eight goes on, drawing in Sane with the Insane Elbow for the DQ at 14:08.

Rating: C+. It was going somewhere but that’s the second match in a row with someone coming in for the DQ. These two are always worth seeing though as they have some rather good chemistry. That being said, I’m almost scared to see where Charlotte goes with the title match because neither of the champions offers an interesting match for her.

The Street Profits are excited that Edge is back. Kelly Kelly comes in and Dawkins hits on her, though Kelly seems confused. Dancing ensues.

Here’s 24/7 Champion Mojo Rawley for a title defense but he has Riddick Moss of all people with him, billed as Rawley’s offensive lineman. Before the match, Rawley says he’ll fight anywhere and introduces Moss before telling anyone can come get the title.

24/7 Title: Mojo Rawley vs. No Way Jose

Rawley is defending as Main Event comes to Raw. Running fist in the corner and the fireman’s carry faceplant retains the title at 25 seconds.

Post match, R-Truth runs in in a cheeseburger costume and wins the title. A Moss distraction and the fireman’s carry faceplant gives Rawley the title right back.

We recap Liv Morgan interrupting the wedding and the relationship part is included. Commentary doesn’t mention it, but that’s better than nothing.

Lana vs. Liv Morgan

Liv power walks to the ring and the fight is on but Lana knocks her to the floor in a crash. Back in and Lana gets two off a kick to the head, meaning it’s off to the chinlock. Liv breaks that up and hits an enziguri, followed by a springboard Downward Spiral to put Lana away at 2:38. That was different and not a disaster.

Erick Rowan vs. Branden Vice

Rowan dropkicks him to the floor for a crossbody, hits a Jackhammer back inside and finishes with the Iron Claw at 1:13.

Classic Edge Moment: Returning last night.

Here’s Edge for his big return speech. He soaks in some cheers and can’t believe that he’s here, because being back means so much to him. The reactions are why they do this so thank you. Edge gets to the big point: how can he be here? Nine years ago he was told he could never do this again but he doesn’t like living in a world of what if’s. A few years went by and he started to feel pretty good.

Then he started thinking about what if he came home. He had a second neck surgery and got in the best shape of his life because he wanted to do this one more time and go out on his own terms. Last night he was in the Royal Rumble and saw some names that he had seen before, plus some new ones. He hopes to see them again down the road, but he’s not sure how long this is going to last.

Edge wants us to join us on the ride, earning himself his first YES chant. Edge: “I’ve got to thank Daniel Bryan for that because that’s pretty cool.” Yeah he’s older now but he has one thing that you can’t fake: grit. This brings out Randy Orton, who hugs Edge and calls him a brother. Last night, Orton felt the energy and the chemistry that only they have. Edge was talking about what if’s, so what if Rated-RKO got back together one more time?

Before we get an answer, the RKO drops Edge. Orton grabs a chair and cracks Edge over the back for good measure. The chair is wrapped around Edge’s head (as his hand is shaking) and Orton goes to the middle rope. Orton gets back down and takes the chair off of his head….so he can get two chairs. The One Man Conchairto ends the show, with Orton whispering something to Edge. Good angle here, and Edge can bring the fire at Wrestlemania.

Overall Rating: C+. Tonight worked well enough and you can tell that they have something of a focus to set up Wrestlemania. That’s a really good sign and having McIntyre vs. Lesnar already announced is a good idea. Edge vs. Orton sounds solid as well and you can probably piece together some more of the card as we move forward. It’s not a great show with some of the stuff feeling like filler, but the important stuff worked well and that’s what matters.


Drew McIntyre b. OC – Claymore to Anderson

Rey Mysterio b. MVP – Springboard splash

Aleister Black b. Kenneth Johnson – Black Mass

Seth Rollins/Buddy Murphy b. Samoa Joe/Kevin Owens – Rollup with tights to Owens

Humberto Carrillo b. Andrade via DQ when Zelina Vega interfered

Charlotte b. Asuka via DQ when Kairi Sane interfered

Mojo Rawley b. No Way Jose – Fireman’s carry faceplant

Liv Morgan b. Lana – Springboard Downward Spiral

Erick Rowan b. Branden Vice – Iron Claw

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