Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Welcome to the Road to Wrestlemania! Obviously Wrestlemania is big deal to me this year since it’s right in my backyard and I’ll be there for the 14-hour main show. Probably will take in NXT, hang out at the FanFest for a bit and take a whirl at a couple other Indies in town. Plus I’ll have that promised surprise for you.

As for the weekend events. Worlds Collide was fine. Excellent main event and tag match between DIY and Mustache Mountain. It’s probably a better fit as the lead-in to Wrestlemania than the Rumble though. Wrestlemania attracts such a huge international crowd I feel like the attendance would be better and more engaged.

The Rumble itself was fine. Both Rumble were good and watchable. The men’s rumble had some great moments. Becky-Asuka was pretty good. Daniel Bryan continues to make miracles with Bray Wyatt. Maybe he could drag something interesting out of Baron Corbin, but I wouldn’t want to ask too much out of the poor guy.

The best moments were definitely Edge trying to hold it together during his entrance. You could tell the emotions were THIS close to getting the best of him. And hey, he looked damn good in there too. And Drew getting the win…he couldn’t keep his emotions in check, which Vince will probably frown upon, but I felt like it made his win seem even bigger. Guy has had to wait a long time for his turn. Brock vs. Drew is a fresh matchup and Drew is a big, physically-impressive guy so visually it looks good. Brock has been dancing with Kofi, Rey and Rollins for a year so having a bigger guy challenge him is good.

Charlotte was going to win…It happens. Hopefully she’ll do us a favor and end Sad Bayley once and for us. It’s bad enough the WWE screwed Bayley up to start, but it’s really impressive how they have doubled down and made it worse.

Anyway RAW should start the build to recently announced Blood Money III: Season of the Desert Witch and Wrestlemania around there. Edge will be on the show tonight and I’m hopeful we will have a Brock-Drew encounter.

As for the news yesterday, I don’t admit to being a big Kobe fan, Tracy McGrady was probably my favorite post-Jordan/pre-LeBron player. I don’t deny his impact in the sports world and as a global icon. But as a parent, I’m absolutely crushed over three children and a mother/wife losing their father, husband and sibling. Any parent wants nothing more than to protect your children for as long as you can and I can’t imagine the feeling of helplessness the parents on that helicopter felt knowing they couldn’t protect their daughters.

Keep it clean!