Daily News Update – January 27, 2020

That Rumble match is proving pretty divisive!  However, we as a people can still all come together and agree that we’re tired of Charlotte at the very least.

DATELINE:  Vic Joseph got bounced as lead RAW announcer before the show and will be replaced by Tom Phillips.  I honestly can’t tell the difference between them anyway.

DATELINE:  Edge has signed a new 3-year deal and will be working with Orton at Wrestlemania, according to Observer radio this morning.

DATELINE:  The Briscoe Brothers have signed a new deal with ROH.  Was anyone else gonna put them on national TV anyway?  Doubt it, so good for them.

Today’s free match is from New Japan, as Goto takes on Jeff Cobb from the G1 San Fran special last year…