Royal Rumble in Stadiums?

While I understand why WWE still likes to hold Wrestlemania in stadiums, it doesn’t seem entirely logical to hold other events in them, especially given their uneven attendance numbers outside of that event. It’s especially questionable given how hard it was
to sell tickets to last years Royal Rumble.

It kind of makes me think back to the 1997 Royal Rumble when they were trying to prove they were bigger than they really were at the time (though the actual 48,000 tickets bought for that event was far more impressive than what they usually sell now).
Is it really worth it for them to do stadium events outside of Wrestlemania at this point, given the ticket sales and overall dead crowds they tend to perform in front of now?


I think they mostly had it planned already last year and now it's just a prestige type of deal, since attendance and making money are literally no longer a factor in their decision making process.  They just have to wave the balance sheets at investors and be like "Whoops, still making a billion dollars from FOX and USA, sorry not sorry" and really that's the end of any arguments against them.