Blog question – star trek

Hey Scott – long time reader / poster. I'm a long time star wars fan who has never really been into star trek beyond casually watching the Abrams reboot in 2009. Everyone is saying how awesome Picard is and my interest is piqued as I'm sure others feel the same way. Would you rank or recommend the series in any way? They are all mostly on Netflix, I've heard deep space nine is the bees knees especially. Appreciate your insight. 

DS9 is pretty advanced studies as far as Trek is concerned.  Watch Next Generation starting in season 3 if you want to get a sense of why Picard is so great.  The best of the NG movies is First Contact, but most of the plot points from the new show come from Nemesis, the movie that killed off the franchise.  I like it but most do not.  Overall I’m a huge fan of Next Gen mostly, but I also enjoy the original Kirk run for what it was. 
I have done many DVD reviews and will post them again sometime.