Strong Style Saturday Thread – January 25, 2020

The weekend of wrestling BEGINS.  Well, last night, but wrestling on the WWE Network begins tonight.

Tonight is Worlds Collide on the WWE Network, which is baffingly taking place in the US instead of the UK, where people would actually know everyone.  Apparently tickets aren’t selling for the show, surprise surprise, but it should be a neverending lineup of **** matches, or as we call it on Wednesdays, AEW.

DATELINE:  The NWA announced the return of the Crockett Cup in April, which will be their next PPV.  I’m all over that one.

DATELINE:  Daniel Bryan is making eco-friendly t-shirts.  This is what you call a “slow news day item”.

Today’s free match on WWE’s YouTube channel is the 2018 Women’s Rumble match!