Random Rumble Questions

Hey Scott. With the Rumble around the corner,I was wondering your take on past PPV's.

1. What show had the best Rumble match but had a terrible undercard?
2. What show had great undercard matches but a terrible Rumble?
3.What Rumble were you most apathetic to but it somehow managed to surprise you with how good it was?
4. What about one you were pumped for and ending up being a dud?
5. Any year(s) where you were completely clueless as to who was winning?

Thank you!

1.  Rumble 92.  Flair saved the show.
2.  Seemingly all of them since 2012 or so.  

3.  My rewatch of Rumble 90 a couple of months ago, actually.  

4. The one Daniel Bryan didn't win.  

5.  2010.  The surprise Edge win came completely out of nowhere.