Becky Lynch/Wrestlemania 35

Scott – nice and quick questions about The Man for you

1.   Did you enjoy Beckys work and push from becoming The Man to headlining Wrestlemania 35?  I thought she was great in the role and handled the big push well

2.   Would you have done a straight one on one match between Becky and Rousey for WM or would you have gone with the triple threat match like they did?

3.   How would you have followed up Lynch’s big WM win?   Seems like getting dumped into a feud with Lacey Evans did nothing for either of them.

1.  She did well in the role and got over huge, yes.
2.  Definitely a straight singles match where Becky taps out Rousey with the armbar.  
3.  That's where you do the feud with Asuka, since Becky lost to her at the Rumble and it was setting up a natural challenger.