WWE Friday Night Party Thread, Episode 17 — A THIN (DOTTED) LINE BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE

We made it!

Tonight, SmackDown comes to you from Dallas as all signs are pointing to the Royal Rumble, starring Brock Lesnar and some other people.  Fortunately, it will also feature Daniel Bryan doing what he best: be a foil for Bray Wyatt.  Say what you will about how WWE botched the rollout, but Bryan has been able not just to *get* what Funhouse Bray/The Fiend is about, but help explore it.  Plus, it helps that he’s trusted AND he listens to Bray, who’s clearly put a lot of thought into this duality.

I bring this up because it’s time to sign a contract!  Tonight, Funhouse Bray and Daniel Bryan come face to face and do some paperwork for Sunday.  Obviously, with something like this, the question isn’t whether a fight will break out, but who will go through the table they use to sign the deal.  I’m betting on Ramblin’ Rabbit.

Meanwhile, ever since King Corbin interrupted a title shot that Roman Reigns had on Nakamura, Reigns has been saddled with getting past him.  Humiliation after degradation seemed to lead to a payoff in December, but alas, the torture continued.  When all seemed to be a broken record, the Usos rode to the rescue and evened the odds!  Now, finally, it’s all in as we get a huge six-man tag featuring Corbin, Roode, and Ziggler against Roman and the Usos!

The Australian Open is in full swing tonight.  There’s college and pro hoops around the dial.  Or, hop on over to my review of the latest BLP show and see if it’s worth a watch.  Or, heck, watch SmackDown, but it seems we all hate the wrestling we love.

All right, guys… you’ve had your instructions.  I answered all questions in the locker room.  Let’s have a good, clean thread, show respect, and come out posting.  Touch gloves and enjoy the weekend!