Royal Rumble optimism

Hey Scott,

I'm trying to stay optimistic about the Royal Rumble, despite the lack of build and the radar silence on potential entrants. I'm hoping that it's a deliberate ploy to make the surprises we get even better, for Vince to try and blow AEW out of the water (boat
pun intended). Has the wrestling war and the snapping up of free agents made big surprises less likely however? What debuts or returns would get you marking out? Tyson Fury to punch out and eliminate Big Show? Baszler to eliminate a returning Ronda to set
up a programme down the line? The Rock to eliminate Brock?

Rock ain’t coming back, bro.  The insurance companies will make sure of that.  
I think this is finally where it’s time for the Dream to debut.  They were prepping his move to the main roster for the same time as Black and Rick O’Shea but he got hurt and plans changed.  They had promotional stuff ready and he was added to the WWE Champions mobile game as a main roster guy.