The War Experienced Viking Raiders Experience

So the common consensus that I had seen prior to this week, and I bought into it as well, was that the weeks and weeks of dominant squashes by the Vikings was building toward the hoss team fight between them and AOP for the tag titles. Now granted – they kind of screwed the pooch by having the OC beat them a few times without it ever leading anywhere, but ok, at least the OC were an established and credible tag team. 

Leading to this week, where they lose the titles to…the makeshift team of Rollins and Murphy, who as far as I know have never teamed and weren’t even stable mates until one week before.

Is there a reason I’m missing why it makes sense to neuter the Vikings without the payoff match with AOP? Or was it just “plans change” – or more so “there isn’t a plan and we are just booking minute to minute?”

If there's a plan, they're doing a really great job of hiding it.