What the World Was Watching: WCW Worldwide – December 16, 1995

Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are in the booth and they are taped from Orlando, Florida.

Opening Contest:  Jushin Liger (w/Sonny Onoo) (2-2) defeats Skip Brown after a flying headbutt at 1:36:

Brown is announced as “Sweet Brown Sugar” but WCW opts to get away from that when they present his name on the ticker.  He and Liger have a fun match, with Liger performing a pescado, leveling Brown with an enzuigiiri, and winning with a flying headbutt.

The One Mang Gang (1-0) pins Cobra (6-9) after the 747 Splash in 58 seconds:

Cobra never gets his jacket off, with the Gang attacking him the moment he steps through the ropes, avalanching him against the turnbuckles, and scoring the pin from the 747 Splash.

Gene Okerlund interviews Television Champion Johnny B. Badd and Kimberly.  Badd says it is an honor to wrestle Masa Saito at Starrcade.  He puts over Kimberly’s intelligence and how she is a powerful weapon in his corner.  Kimberly says it is fun to hang around Badd and she prefers him to managing Diamond Dallas Page.

Eddie Guerrero (16-3-4) pins Otis Apollo after a frog splash at 3:57:

Apollo struggles to keep up with Guerrero’s speed, and Guerrero tires of some of Apollo’s complaining, raking his face with his boot midway through the match.  Guerrero struggles to plant Apollo with a brainbuster, which is used to set up the frog splash.

Paul Orndorff (28-8) defeats the Disco Inferno (7-10) after a piledriver in 58 seconds:

As Orndorff makes his entrance, Heenan cracks a joke that Gene Okerlund sings the high notes of Orndorff’s theme after he sat on a block of ice for three hours.  This match messes with the recent Monday Nitro angle of Orndorff being injured by the Four Horseman.  For the second time this week Orndorff destroys Disco, elbowing him in the face when Disco tries to encroach on Orndorff as he looks in the mirror and winning with a piledriver.

Johnny B. Badd and Kimberly share a carriage ride, with Badd encouraging her to think of what she wants to do with her life.  Badd also says she should accompany him to some schools where he tells kids not to do drugs since Kimberly wants to instruct people on personal health.  Kimberly later says she still has a place in her heart for Diamond Dallas Page, with Badd saying Page may change for the better if he loses his money.

Koji Kanemoto (w/Sonny Onoo) (1-0) beats Mr. J.L. (2-3) after a tiger suplex at 4:08:

J.L. keeps Kanemoto on his heels, nearly winning with a German suplex.  Kanemoto avoids a flying headbutt and leg drop, only to have J.L. score another near-fall from a sit out powerbomb.  After that, Kanemoto has enough, doing a standing switch and drilling J.L. with a tiger suplex for the win.  This was a fun four-minute match that featured no resting.  Rating:  **

Okerlund interviews WCW Champion Randy Savage.  He says he is prepared for Hiroyoshi Tenzan and the winner of the triangle match.

The Super Assassins (w/Colonel Robert Parker) (2-0-1) defeat the State Patrol (1-9) when Assassin #1 pins Lieutenant James Earl after Demolition Decapitation at 6:03:

The Assassins dwarf the Patrol and that turns the Patrol face in the eyes of the Disney crowd.  Although the Patrol get a few token double teams they are unable to deal with the Assassins power, with Earl running into a big boot from #1 and getting finished by Demolition Decapitation.  This is the best match the Assassins have had since coming into the company.  Rating:  **

Tune in next week to see Sting, Lex Luger, United States Champion Kensuke Sasaki, and Television Champion Johnny B. Badd in action!

The Last Word:  While light on stars, this show had some very serviceable wrestling action as the squashes moved fast and the feature bouts were perfectly acceptable television fare.

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