Undefeated streaks overkill

Hey Scott,

I find myself thoroughly annoyed with wrestlers booked to be unbeatable and mainly destroying jobbers each week to no long term direction that leads to a World Title reign.  WWE, of course, is the culprit of this trend. It hasn't worked with Strowman for years.  They started doing it with Lars Sullivan but he was just beating jobbers. Then he went down with injury after his bigotry was exposed.  Still, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have been given a World Title reign as the endgame to his undefeated streak.  Now, we're seeing it with Aleister Black and it looks like we'll start seeing it with Drew McIntyre.  I like the idea of pushing new guys and Black is a really good worker but making them be unbeatable rubs me the wrong way and comes off as annoying, so annoying I end up rooting for the other guy.  And I was rooting for Buddy Murphy the last time he faced Black. I understand the idea of "keeping a guy strong" but do they have to make him so unbeatable only to have him not even win a World Title anyways? At least when Goldberg was given the undefeated streak in WCW, it built toward something meaningful with him getting the US Title and ultimately winning the World Title out of it.  Or maybe if it was done more infrequently, I wouldn't take issue with the occasional new monster. But as of now, I think it's overkill. It doesn't have to be a pick your poison of undefeated streaks vs. 50/50 booking, right? Where are you on this?

I find it weird that Buddy Murphy didn't get ANYTHING on Black.  There's a happy medium between 50/50 and undefeated, as you noted, which is like "Black wins 3 matches and loses a fourth" so that Black clearly wins the feud overall but Murphy gets something in the end.  Or the other way around, where Murphy manages to frustrate him and gets the a win a few times, but then Black figures out the counter and destroys him to blow it off.  It's fine that Heyman is trying to keep everyone strong, but the show doesn't seem like it's going anywhere overall.  We're at the end of January and you can't even hazard a guess at what Wrestlemania might look like outside of the Fiend v. Roman match on the Smackdown side.  For me, overall direction is more important than the minutia of the wins and losses at this time of year, and they don't have it right now.