Based on your Rumble 91 rant, how do you book the title match?  Warrior seems to be over.  Savage hit him with the scepter and get disqualified then they double team him?  Hogan saves?  

Warrior faces Savage in title vs career while Hogan faces Slaughter.  Then maybe have UT cost warrior the title over the summer and have Hogan win at summer slam?

Yeah, they 100% should have put the brakes on the Slaughter angle at the Rumble given how fast the "war" ended. Just as you noted, Warrior wins by DQ, Hogan saves.  Maybe Slaughter does something deplorable to Warrior, like blinds him with a fireball, and Hogan decides to avenge Warrior FOR AMERICA?  I dunno, but Hogan did not need the belt after Wrestlemania given the direction was a tag team match at Summerslam anyway.