Strong Style Saturday Thread – January 18, 2020

Look, we all know that everyone is just waiting for Sunday to watch football.  But let’s pay some respect to Saturday first, OK?

DATELINE:  It’s STIPULATIONS A GOGO at Royal Rumble, with Roman v. King Corbin now being a falls count anywhere match, and Daniel Bryan v. The Fiend now a strap match.  Meanwhile no one seems to care about the Rumble matches, but I guess that’s not important on the ROYAL RUMBLE PPV.

DATELINE:  Kalisto is the latest geek to sign a five-year contract with WWE.  Really headed off an intense bidding war there, guys.  Better get Fandango locked up long-term while you’re at it, too.

In the latest from KanaChanTV today, Asuka tours Japan and I dunno what’s going on but by god she’s adorable and I’m still astonished that they look at her and think “Let’s make her a mist-spewing heel”