AEW Type wrestling quick fire questions.

Hey, Scott,

Really enjoying watching AEW wrestling since it started, but I'm drunk and bored before it airs here in the UK so answers please-

1) Is this the most entertaining Chris Jericho we have ever seen

2) JR love him but he just seems off a step, time to hang up the Mike and move to backstage/taped AEW Dark Comms

3) Womans Divison could be great but cant keep track, how many do you cut

4) Ray Fenix is amazing, Play it right run him as top single star for a year, it could work right

5) Do we need a mid card belt to elevate some of the top guys

Finally would you change much currently or are you invested enough to let it roll on.

1.  I still find his 98 WCW run as the conspiracy victim to be the best, but as a main event guy he's on another level right now.
2.  Agreed.  They've got Taz now and he's got great chemistry with Excalibur on his Dark appearances and he should probably replace JR.  Since they're re-launching Dark as A-Show 2.0, Jim would be perfect for that.  
3.  I'd cut a great deal of them.  Really you only need 4 at most for a while.  Riho, Shida, Britt Baker and Statlander and you're good.  Then you can cycle a couple out after a few months.
4.  Fenix is great, agreed.  
5.  We haven't even had a title change yet in the promotion, I'd wait to start introducing more belts.  
And finally, this is the most investment and fun I've had watching a wrestling show since RAW in 1997.  Aside from a couple of minor gripes, I'm happy to let them go where they want.