Smackdown – August 18, 2005

Date: August 18, 2005
Location: Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Attendance: 7,500
Commentators: Michael Cole, Tazz

It’s the go home show for Summerslam and that means we aren’t likely to be getting much in the way of important wrestling tonight. Instead, this week is likely to be focused on promos and building towards the pay per view and that’s what’s best for everyone. Now just find a way to make it interesting. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of the social worker taking Dominic away from the Mysterios because Eddie Guerrero is an evil man.

Opening sequence.

Here’s Eddie Guerrero to sit on a ladder, as the match with Mysterio is now a ladder match “for the custody of Dominic.” Eddie says Teddy Long was right and the ladder match is the only solution. Dominic’s custody papers will be hanging above the ring (alas not Dominic himself) and Eddie will be the one to climb the ladder and claim Dominic for himself.

See, Eddie loves his son and the truth always prevails over lies. On Sunday, he’s going to climb the ladder because for every father that loves his son. Eddie starts climbing and dedicates it to his father, brothers and Dominic, who will be the best Guerrero of them all. So smile son, because as of Sunday, Dominic is coming home with Papi.

This is a weird situation as Eddie’s evil was on full display here and in another circumstance it would be incredible, but he’s hindered pretty badly by the material. You can only get so far when there’s an image of an eight year old boy hanging above the ring and spinning around as a ladder match takes place underneath him.

Melina/Joey Mercury vs. Booker T./Sharmell

Fallout from last week and Jillian Hall handles MNM’s entrance. Melina gives Mercury a kiss on the cheek to start as the men get things going. Booker runs him over and chops in the corner so it’s off to the women for a change. Sharmell beats her up for a bit so Mercury comes in, earning himself a rake to the eyes. It’s back to Booker for two off a kick to Mercury’s face but Mercury is right back with a neckbreaker.

A flapjack gets Booker out of trouble and there’s the ax kick into the Spinarooni. With Mercury mostly done, Booker drags him over to force the tag to Melina and it’s time for Sharmell to get in her beatdown. Melina gets in some choking too, followed by a bodyscissors in the rope with Sharmell’s eyes bugging out. Sharmell punches her in the ribs and gets two off a shove as everything breaks down. Jillian trips Sharmell though and Melina grabs a cover with her feet in the ropes for the pin.

Rating: D. The match wasn’t any good and I can’t put any of that on Sharmell, who isn’t a wrestler and isn’t supposed to be able to do any of this. I’m not sure if they’re going to continue with this but Booker is going to need a partner if he’s going to keep fighting with MNM. It’s either this or Animal/Heidenreich working a longer match so I’ll take what I can get here.

Post break Sharmell yells at Booker for not being there to help her. They’re a team and she’s tired of taking beatings. Has she taken another one before tonight?

Orlando Jordan comes up to Chris Benoit and talks trash about how athletic he is. Benoit: “WOW! That’s impressive!” Benoit promises to make Jordan tap on Sunday.

Animal gives Heidenreich his spikes in a moment that isn’t as emotional as they think it is.

Animal/Heidenreich vs. Rudy Silverstein/JP Arson

Non-title and Candice Michelle is guest ring announcer for the sake of curves. House is cleaned in a hurry with slams, chokes and big boots. The Doomsday Device finishes without much trouble. Keeping these things short is the best thing they could do and they know it.

Funaki interviews JBL and shows us a clip of JBL’s attack on Batista last week. JBL says that Batista letting him pick the stipulation for Summerslam was the dumbest thing he could have done. Maybe he should demonstrate that tonight in a No Holds Barred match against….Funaki.

Randy Orton talks about winning the World Title a year ago today in this arena when he defeated Chris Benoit. Tonight it’s a rematch, and then on Sunday he destroys Undertaker’s legacy.

John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Funaki

No Holds Barred. JBL chops away in the corner and drops the elbows as the point is pretty clear in a hurry. The fall away slam makes it worse and JBL steals the timekeeper’s belt to whip away. Funaki gets beaten up on the announcers’ table and a whip into the steps keeps him down. A chair shot to the head draws out Batista for a spinebuster and a chair shot of his own, sending JBL running for the no contest.

Rating: D. Just a build towards Sunday and that’s all it should have been. It’s not like the no contest means anything here as it was all about making us care about the title match. Granted that isn’t exactly the case as JBL is hardly a thrilling challenger, though in this case it’s not like they have many better options.

Post match Batista promises violence on Sunday.

Rey Mysterio vs. Simon Dean

Rey is rather somber here. Before the match, Dean talks about how horrible Rey looks and offers a discount on the Simon System family pack. With Rey’s family shrinking, he can have it half (as he suggests someone Dominic’s size) off, so Rey punches him in the face. Cole says Rey hasn’t talked to his son in weeks after putting him in foster care last week, mainly because Cole isn’t that bright.

Mysterio hammers away in the corner but gets dropped face first onto the buckle. Dean stomps away and grabs a kneeling torture rack of all things. That’s broken up and Rey hits a crossbody into the 619 before Dropping The Dime for the pin. Much like earlier, there was no need to make this longer than it was as the point was proven.

Raw Rebound.

It’s time for the Peep Show and Christian is of course beloved for a change. Christian is happy to be here and has a big time guest for this week: HIMSELF! Hang on though as here are the Mexicools to cut him off. Christian: “You better be delivering me some burritos Speedy Gonzalez!” They mess with the set and even pop the inflatable chair. The fight is finally on and Christian gets beaten down, including a moonsault/guillotine legdrop combination. WWE is doing everything they can to get the Mexicools over and the team is trying but I don’t exactly see this having legs.

Mysterio doesn’t like Dominic being in foster care and it’s all because of Eddie. Violence is promised and Rey is bringing his son home with his real father. Rey: “And that’s me!”

Summerslam rundown.

Randy Orton vs. Chris Benoit

Joined in progress with Orton grinding away at a headlock until Benoit reverses into a top wristlock. Benoit starts in on the wristlock but gets reversed into a headlock takeover as they’re going a bit more technical than I would have bet on. Back up and Benoit armdrags him into an armbar but Orton reverses it into another headlock. Since when did Orton get good at this kind of thing?

Back up again and Orton pokes him in the eye, only to get chopped away. It’s too early for the Sharpshooter as Orton pulls him down by the tights. Benoit tries it again so Orton makes the rope as we take a break. We come back with Benoit finally getting the Sharpshooter so Orton has to make the rope again.

Orton sends him shoulder first into the post and plants him with the hanging DDT for two. The chinlock goes on with Orton cranking on it even more than usual. Benoit fights up and Orton can’t hit his over the shoulder neckbreaker so he switches to a DDT for two. As in more neck stuff to set up the cutter, because Orton knows how to do some psychology.

A hard whip into the corner drops Benoit but his head rams into Orton for the double knockdown. The comeback is on with chops and the rolling German suplexes to put them both down again. The Swan Dive connects but here’s Orlando Jordan for the distraction, allowing Orton to hit the RKO for the pin.

Rating: B. These two work well together and it was cool to see Orton do something different. They made sure to protect Benoit with the interference ending which gives Benoit another reason to take the title from Jordan on Sunday. The match was entertaining and long and it was nice to have something good on this show for a change.

Post match the lights go out and Undertaker is in the ring for a chokeslam. Undertaker leaves and Orton smiles, leaving Undertaker confused to end the show.

Overall Rating: C-. This was very similar to Raw with little in the way of anything big being added to the show and a lot of bad wrestling to go with it. At least this show had a good main event to build it up a bit, though Summerslam is going to need to be quite good given the last week of pretty lackluster TV shows.

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