WWE Friday Night Party Thread, Episode 16 — GRAND RETURNS AT THE PALACE OF WISDOM

We made it!

Tonight, Friday Night SmackDown comes to you LIVE from Greensboro, North Carolina!  In the heart of Flair country, everyone has the same question: they’re not really gonna put Bobby Roode over Roman Reigns, are they?

That’s right, tonight’s main event sees the returning Roode taking on the “Big Dog” in a tables match!  On paper, this contest heavily favors Roman as he looks to (sigh) build momentum for the Royal Rumble, but a tables match is infamously no-DQ.  Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, and the Usos could all be factors in the outcome.  On top of that, this match has Rumble implications!  The winning side can name the stipulation for Reigns vs Corbin at the Rumble undercard!  (If dog food’s involved, don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

The next big story tonight comes from the return, after an 8-year absence, of John Morrison to in-ring action!  While Morrison looks like he’s still capable of going, given that he’s remained in game shape and didn’t appear to lose a step in either Lucha Underground or Impact, the WWE is another level up.  This is especially true when his first match back puts him against a 300-pound powerhouse in Big E!  While everyone knows that The Miz isn’t above sticking himself in this match to run interference, will it be enough to give the Shaman of Sexy a big W over Big E in his big comeback?

One of the more intriguing developments is Lacey Evans going after Bayley.  Most people were skeptical that the inexperienced Evans could hold her own as a character facing Bayley, especially since their alignments seemed to be flipped from the two wrestlers’ more comfortable situations.  But Bayley has been very much a hateable champion, and with Sasha Banks by her side stirring the pot, the people seem to be behind the US Marine!  Evans has made it her mission to take Bayley’s gold away from her, but tonight it’s the Boss standing in her way.  Evans is probably the underdog here, but will she have enough to prove she’s worthy of a championship match?

…okay, enough WWE shilling.  I’m getting way too comfortable imitating their website.

I want to thank the people who read my Friday Indie Spotlight (both of you).  It’s a nice thing to put up on a Friday afternoon that you can knock off during lunchtime, and really, my Thursday nights are open now that Beyond’s Uncharted Territory is on hiatus.  I imagine when it starts up again I’ll be reviewing that, but int he meantime, I’ll do some IWTV watching and post a show I’m interested in.  It’ll be a first-time watch usually, although indulge me if I want to recap CRAB or Prime Time Pro, two promotions I work with in the DC area.

Hey, along those lines, I’ll be at a PTPW show tomorrow in Northeast.  Tickets are sold out, but the show is available on IWTV, so check your listings.

Bulls/Sixers and Blazers/Mavericks are the NBA on ESPN doubleheader.  ESPN2 is showing Dayton/Saint Louis out of the A-10, while at 10:30 ET they’re doing a look at McGregor/Diaz 2 to warm you up for UFC 246.  FS1 has a Big Ten doubleheader — Wisconsin/Michigan State and Michigan/Iowa.  CBSSN has college hockey (!!) on with North Dakota/Miami Ohio.  ESPNU has Furman/Wofford out of the SoCon, followed by more college hockey with Michigan State/Wisconsin.  For you NHL fans, the NHL Network is showing Penguins/Red Wings.

All right, we went over the rules in the locker room.  Pay attention and obey my commands at all times.  I want a good, clean comment thread.  Touch gloves, and let’s enjoy the weekend!  LET’S GET IT ON!