The Mega-Powers breakup

As a follow-up to my question about the separate Hogan/Savage house show tours, I once read something that Charlie Reneke – so yes, consider the source – opined that the actual Mega-Powers break-up at The Main Event had a bit of flopsweat stink to it, because
they had to hotshot the whole angle in one night because they blew so many chances to gradually build up dissension between them, with Hogan as the unequivocal babyface.  This has some holes, as they definitely did tease problems (Savage dilly-dallying in
making the save when Hogan was being double-teamed by the Towers), but there were some definite missteps in building it up, particularly in keeping Hogan the virtuous one (see the Royal Rumble).  What say you?  Is there a point to be made there?

Similarly, have you yet conceded that Hogan should have won at WM5, because you don't do a fuck finish at your biggest show for the express purpose of building up a smaller show?

On the first subject, Hogan-Savage was one of the biggest drawing matches ever, so it’s hard to second guess the way they built it.  
On the second, I just think that Savage had such nuclear heat that you could have drawn with him at house shows for months as heel champion getting chased by Brutus or whoever, and also done Hogan on top against another heel at the other set of shows.  And then the Summerslam blowoff where Hogan wins once and for all.