Royal Rumble question

Hi Scott,


In the wake of the Houston Astros forever tarnishing the pristine sanctity of America's pastime by stealing the 2017 World Series like the Hart Foundation stole the tag team titles from the British Bulldogs, isn't it time for Vincent K. McMahon and the WWE to claim the moral high ground and move the Royal Rumble away from the Astros' home stadium?  I hear Jeddah and Riyadh are nice this time of year.  Or at least move it to a competitor's stadium like the Oakland Coliseum.


If it stays in Houston, over/under on the number of creative members of the WWE Universe who bring a "The Astros stole my other sign" sign to the show?


Have a good weekend!

Wait, what's wrong with the Astros?  They took out the Yankees last year and that makes them good people in my book.