Just getting back into the current scene after taking the last year or so off. I've been watching NXT UK/NXT, some 205 Live. Just not the main shows at this time. Just trying to inch my way back in right now.

One thing that I see that I don't care for, especially on NXT, is a wrestler coming to the ring for their entrance and taking the time to "get their shit in" or their poses, that I'm sure they are told to create for themselves. It's like every entrance is straight out of a video game. I understand it's been this way for some time, but this is the one feature of today's scene, totally invented by WWE, that irks me. I just saw Chelsea Green attack Kayden Carter post-match, and she took a few seconds out afterwards to do this stupid little taunt that just seemed so unnatural to do after a beatdown. 

Why? Just….why? Between this stuff, and the promo style where a wrestler says things that no one would ever really say in reality is somewhat off-putting. Did WWE do some research somewhere that said crowds respond better to this stuff? 

That's how they teach them.  It's a branding thing, but it's very common in Japan as well so it's not unique to WWE.  It's never really bothered me so much but maybe I'm just numb to it.