Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #351 – 15/01/2000

Hello You!

Guilty As Charged 2000 is now in the bag and you can read my review of it by clicking right HERE.

In short, there were a few decent matches on the undercard and the main event of Mike Awesome Vs Little Spike Dudley was really good and well worth watching.

Normally with these post pay per view Hardcore TV’s they tend to just talk about the prior week’s event and don’t really give much in the way of new content, but maybe they’ll surprise us?

Anyway, let’s watch some chuffing wrestling!

This week’s matches were taped from Atlanta, Georgia

Calling the action is Joey Styles

We start the show with Lou E. Dangerously and his New Dangerous Alliance of CW Anderson and Beautiful Billy Wiles antagonising the crowd ahead of the opening match.

Opening Match
CW Anderson w/ Lou E. Dangerously and Bill Wiles Vs Mikey Whipwreck

This is the rubber match between these two, as Mikey beat CW on Hardcore TV and CW returned the favour at Guilty As Charged. Having the show taped at the sound stage in Georgia makes it immediately look better than it normally does and it kind of makes me think that ECW should have done it more. I know people used to have a go at TNA for doing it with the Impact Zone, but there’s no doubt that having one central place where you tape all of your TV saves a lot of money, and pinching pennies was kind of what ECW needed to do at this stage seeing as the TNN and Acclaim money was pretty much the only thing keeping them going.

Mikey shines on CW to start, but a distraction from Lou E allows Wiles to cut him off and send him back into the ring so that CW can get some heat on him. Anderson works over Mikey’s arm in traditional Anderson style, whilst the crowd gets on Lou E’s case by chanting for Sign Guy Dudley. Mikey eventually makes the comeback and gets two from a Russian Leg Sweep. Lou E trips up Mikey, but the referee sees it and starts telling him off. This allows Wiles to attack Mikey from behind however and CW follows that up with an excellent spine buster for two. Wiles tries to interfere again, but Mikey fends him off and delivers the Whippersnapper (Stunner) to CW to pick up the win.


Standard TV fare there, with Mikey selling well and CW doing a serviceable job as a heel. It’s pretty much what Scott Keith would call “perfectly acceptable wrestling”

Show Intro: This week’s tagline is “Tonight, We Take Center Stage, Atlanta Goes Extreme, It’s ECW Hardcore TV!”

Judge Jeff Jones lays out a challenge for anyone to challenge Mike Awesome for the ECW World Title. Awesome sees he’s beaten everyone and that he won’t back down from anyone.


We get to see New Jack’s promo from Guilty As Charged, where he talked about getting stabbed in the arse by a fellow gang member and said he was going to take Da Baldies out one by one. He then proceeded to clobber Spanish Angel for the entirety of their match, only for Angel to spam a win in the end like he usually did. As a result of this no one got over, because New Jack looked like an idiot and Spanish Angel looked lucky.


Match Two
Vic Grimes w/ Tony DeVito and Spanish Angel Vs New Jack

DeVito has a broken hand courtesy of getting beaten down by New Jack at the pay per view. Grimes debuts the pizza cutter spot here, as he rakes it across New Jack’s face. I’m not sure exactly how much a pizza cutter would do to be honest. What next, is he going to hit him with a wallpaper stripper? Anyway, the other two members of Da Baldies interfere at will, because there are no rules in a New Jack match, and that actually allows Grime to get some considerable heat on Jack for a bit.

I mean, how come GRIMES of all people gets to beat up New Jack and actually make him sell for a bit but Angel, the actual LEADER of the crew, is reduced to selling for him all match and just fluking wins with weapon shots? I get that Grimes is meant to be the muscle, but they would still let Ric Flair actually get some heat on whoever he was wrestling until Arn Anderson would bail him out.

New Jack eventually fights back and hits Grimes with a fork to bust him open, and the fight spills to the outside of the ring, where the other Baldies attack, only for Jack to easily fend them off. Man, if Da Baldies were based on a real street gang then they should be offended with how ineffective they were always portrayed to be. Da Baldies finally manage to make use of the 3 on 1 advantage they have by attacking New Jack and putting him back inside the ring for a Grimes leg drop.

Grimes sits New Jack on a chair and heads up top for a senton bomb, but New Jack dodges it and its Grimes who goes through the chair. New Jack hits Grimes right in the Staten Islands with a crutch, but the big man soon shakes it off and sends New Jack outside for more of a beat down from Da Baldies.

Da Baldies set New Jack on the table outside the ring and Grimes goes for a senton bomb off the top rope, but New Jack moves again and Grimes once again hurts himself. Maybe he should take that move out of his arsenal? Just a thought. Anyway, New Jack creams Grimes with a guitar shot back inside the ring and that’s enough for the win.


The match was junk for the most part but I like that New Jack is finally actually selling in these matches instead of just beating Da Baldies all over the place until one of them sneaks a victory. Grimes took some pretty impressive bumps for a guy his size.

New Jack grabs a mic post-match and yells obscenities at Spanish Angel, thus meaning that this feud will continue until New Jack has finally regained his “Title” of being “King of the Streets”


Back from the break we get clips from Guilty As Charged 2000, as Francine and Dawn Marie cat fight with one another, leading to Raven saving Francine from a Singapore cane shot. As a result, The Impact Players of Justin Credible and Lance Storm winning the Tag Titles.

Credible and Storm, w/ Jason and Dawn Marie, cut a promo backstage saying they are just getting started.

We get further clips from Guilty As Charged, where Steve Corino cuts a promo on Dusty Rhodes, which leads to Rhodes coming down to the ring to take him out. This leads to Rhino attacking Rhodes though, which in turn leads to the ECW roster coming to Dusty’s aid.


Steve Corino and Rhino cut a promo backstage, talking about how Tommy Dreamer and Dusty Rhodes have challenged Rhino and a mystery partner for a tag match in Florida. Corino says he’ll be teaming up with Rhino in that match and says that Rhino will be protecting him from all the baby faces taking him out. Rhino adds that the faces won’t get close to Corino. Corino mugs for the camera whilst Rhino intensely talks about killing Dreamer and Rhodes. Good promo segment, mostly all down to Corino being a fantastic jerk.


Main Event
Raven Vs Simon Diamond w/ Mitch and Dick Hertz

Simon controls things in the early going with the Simon Series (rolling snap suplexes into a gourd buster) and works Raven over with stomps. Raven eventually makes a quick comeback and gets a nice running knee lift before rubbing his snot rag in Diamond’s face. Dick comes in to help Simon, but Raven leaves him limp following a drop toe hold onto a chair. Diamond gets a few roll ups for two and even gets Raven with his own DDT for another near fall. Raven manages to get the DDT next however, and that’s enough for the win.


Too short to rate but it was good to see Raven get a clean win like that and Diamond was able to get some stuff in before getting pinned.

We get a video package stating that Sabu might have decided to leave ECW after failing to defeat Rob Van Dam at Guilty As Charged 2000. In reality ECW and Sabu had parted ways because he’d refused to put Super Crazy over, so ECW decided to essentially stop using him. Good for them I say.

Little Spike Dudley comes down to the ring after a valiant effort against Mike Awesome at Guilty As Charged. Mike Awesome charges down to the ring to attack him though and powerbombs him out of the ring through a table, which I think was the storyline reason for Spike taking some time off for surgery on his leg.

In Conclusion

Not bad for a post pay per view episode of the show, as we actually got some fresh matches and the pay per view recaps weren’t overdone. I really liked how the show looked this week from Centre Stage as well, and it’s kind of a shame that they didn’t tape there more often.