Bischoff’s firing as “Creative Director”?

Did you ever hear anything more than what was reported at the time re: Eric Bischoff getting fired after only 4 months as "Director Of Creative" on Smackdown?  I thought that whole thing was strange, what with getting canned while you are supposed to be "observing" the product before implementing your ideas.  

Nobody really knows the exact circumstances, but I think that the whole "he was just supposed to be observing" thing was a smokescreen at the time to explain why he was hanging out in catering instead of, like, doing stuff.  Really, it was an issue of expectations set by WWE themselves when they made sure to do a big breaking news press release about hiring Bischoff and Heyman and then got all offended when people had followup questions like "What exactly are their jobs" and stuff like that.  I guess we as fans were supposed to just hear that Bischoff was hired as creative director for Smackdown and then immediately call 4 million of our friends to watch.