1992 Royal Rumble

Why did they do a Countout finish in the LOD-Disasters match?  Were they planning to do a rematch at WM 8?

Was Flair winning the title the plan all along going back to when they did the whole Hogan-Undertaker I and II matches at Survivor Series/Tuesday in Texas?  Was it a way to get Flair the belt without beating Hulk? 

1.  There were vague plans to do a rematch and keep the program going but mostly Hawk didn’t want to lose even on the way out.  The actual plan for WM changed a bunch of times, including stuff like Duggan and Slaughter teaming up to challenge Money Inc for the belts.  Things were a tad chaotic leading up to that show.  
2.  Yes, Flair was always getting the title.  That’s just how they wanted to do it.  Hulk probably would have been fine losing to him if they asked, but they never did ask as far as I know.