What the World Was Watching: WCW Main Event – December 10, 1995

Gene Okerlund and Bobby Heenan handle today’s studio duties.  Okerlund implies that Heenan’s new suit came from Sonny Onoo.

Heenan said that New Japan’s stars are going to get to the United States a week before Starrcade so that jet lag does not become a problem for them.

Dick Slater & Bunkhouse Buck (w/Colonel Robert Parker) (22-16-1) beat Men at Work when Buck pins Chris Kanyon after an inside cradle at 4:54:

Men at Work is made up of Kanyon and Mark Starr.  They wear blue jeans and wear yellow hard hats.  WCW did not produce any vignettes for them, and they do not get an entrance today, thereby establishing where they fit on WCW’s pecking order.  Sister Sherri is spotted in the crowd and it does not take long for Parker to leave ringside to go and sit with her facing the hard camera.  This is a boring punch and kickfest with no flow.  All Slater and Buck do is pound away and then Buck suddenly pins Kanyon with an inside cradle.  Rating:  DUD

After the match, Slater yells at Parker, not happy that he has chosen to sit in the crowd instead of being at ringside.

Heenan says that the relationship between Colonel Robert Parker and Sister Sherri is a fatal attraction.

Backstage News:  This show had no redeeming qualities.  The banter between Gene Okerlund and Bobby Heenan had a lot of outdated references and the feature match was terrible.

Backstage News*:        While nearly all of the Monday Nitro telecasts have been live in 1995, WCW plans to tape two shows in one location starting with its January 8 broadcast in Charleston, South Carolina.  Doing this will save the company $2 million next year.

*Eric Bischoff watches Monday Night RAW on a television monitor during Monday Nitro so that is why he appears distracted at various points in the broadcast.

*Kensuke Sasaki will hold onto the United States title until January or February when the plan is for him to drop it to Konnan.

*In talent relations news, Public Enemy will be coming to WCW in 1996, likely wrapping up their ECW appearances on January 5.  They are tentatively programmed for the January 23 Clash of the Champions against the Nasty Boys.  WCW’s initial plan to call them the Mac Daddy’s has been shelved since it is believed the Pubic Enemy name can be obtained by going through Def Jam.  It was also reported by Mark Madden on the WCW Hotline that Woman would be coming in under the name Elizabeth and manage Randy Savage.  That angered WCW executives, who might want to get rid of Madden because Kevin Sullivan has pitched the idea of he and Paul Orndorff handling the hotline.  Woman is denying that she is leaving ECW.  With Konnan coming in, WCW is looking to leverage his AAA connections to get talent such as Psicosis to appear on various shows.  The Bushwhackers have been contacted and might come in as Luke and Butch from Down Under.

*Backstage news is courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for December 18.

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