“Royal” Rumble

Hey Scott–

Has there ever been less buzz about the Royal Rumble than this year? I
can’t think of any other year where there was such a “meh” feeling
about this event.

Granted, last year having Seth win wasn’t exactly an inspired choice,
but Becky was still in the early stages of her momentum, so at least
the women’s rumble had some juice. I can’t think of anyone of any
gender I would be excited about winning. I can’t think of anyone I’d
like to see show up as a surprise. There isn’t even a hate-watch
aspect to it doesn’t feel like anything can happen that will make the
crowd turn on the show.

Russo’s booking means that 1999 will likely remain the “Worst Rumble”
champ, but is this year going to take the prize for “Most Boring”?

Last year’s show was basically forgotten so fast that most people don’t even remember who won, so it was a strong contender already.  I think we’re on the death march to another Roman Reigns coronation and we all know it, and the women’s match will probably be Charlotte because she wins everything, which isn’t gonna help this year’s show.  Not to mention we’re two weeks out and they haven’t really started pushing the show with any great sense of urgency yet.

So yeah, pretty boring.