The Cheap and Lazy Sunday Thread – January 12 2020

Good morning!  It’s another day of football to watch if you’re into that kind of thing.

DATELINE:  AAA’s La Parka died at age 55 last night after complications from a horrible accident in the ring a few months back.  This was not the WCW La Parka, by the way.  RIP.

DATELINE:  Smackdown’s ratings were up a bit again.  Doesn’t really matter what they put on that show at this point, I guess.

DATELINE:  Roman Reigns will face Baron Corbin at Royal Rumble, and then come back to work the Rumble match later in the night.  Could we not just end this boring feud on TV and move on?

And with the reunion of Miz & Morrison this week, WWE has kindly posted a Best of the Dirt Sheet video to catch you up on why people loved them a decade ago…