Feel the…. Bang?

The refreshing palette cleanser of AEW was always their 'just left of centre' take on televised wrestling product and they had so far used the nostalgia stuff as background colour-additions more than anything else, with the exception of, I guess, JR. I'm DDP
mark from way back, the dude is evidently fit but I don't need to see him wrestling in 2020. At. All. AEW is still finding their feet and I absolutely want them to succeed, but… the absolute BEST stuff they're doing
and the content and characters the fans are reacting to are so far away from these nostalgia runs I can't see what they're hoping to achieve with it, unless in you wisdom and experience can see something I don't?

I don’t either.  And it’s not like DDP was some giant draw for WCW either.  Not the way I would have done.  The nepotism pushes are getting a bit out of hand.