US pro-wrestling unable to capture Real Sports feel?

Hey Scott,

Months ago, I sent you an email about how I felt I was out-growing pro-wrestling as I was frustrated with what I feel is the immature content found on both WWE and, to a lesser extent, AEW.  You suggested I turn to NJPW and I did, much to my satisfaction.  However, I still tune in to highlights of the U.S. product trying to see if both promotions will make good on their previous claims to give a more "real sports" feel…and they seem completely incapable of doing that. Or are they? Could it be more that they just don't want to leave their comfort zone of wrasslin' with stupid gimmicks and characters that say things real people would never say? I mean, are idiotic angles like Lana-Rusev-Lashley, demonic, Rowan's cage, feeding Reigns dog food, AEW's stupid interpretation of librarians, and Dark Order factions that communicate to people from TV screens simply too alluring for them?  Can they simply not function without that stupid shit because that's all they know and are a bunch of carnies? Perhaps they can't really do more realistic stuff because as much as they try, that's just not who they are? Still, I can't help but think AEW has it in them to produce the type of mature work I'm looking for, along with NXT, which in turn suggests WWE as a whole can do more realistic stuff if they put their minds to it. What do you think about this?

I suppose they could if they wanted to, but there's no evidence it would draw any better, so they don't.  Like we already established, if you want that style of wrestling, it's out there already elsewhere.  There's not much point in fretting about the other shows not being what you want.