NWA Powerrrr



Hope this message finds you well. I’ve been reading your content and visiting your sites daily, since just after the close of WCW in the Spring/Summer of 2001. I have, in fact, found your star ratings to be more accurate – in my eyes –
than Uncle Dave’s.


I would appreciate it very much if you would revise your take on reviewing NWA Powerrrr once again. The show is such a breeze to watch – everything makes perfect sense, Cornette is no longer a part of the program, the wrestling is solid,
and I know you thoroughly enjoyed the presentation prior to the Cornette issue.


As a plea from a loyal reader, please reconsider and provide this content. I know I’m not the only one who would like to see NWA Powerrr return.


You are not the only one by far.  
What’s the general opinion of the readership?  Has my point been made enough or does Lagana’s continued presence negate the departure of Cornette?