Most Selfish Run

Hey Scott—

January means old Rumbles at the gym. I was watching the 2002 offering and it struck me; has there ever been a more selfish period for a top star than “Biker ‘Taker”, 2000-2003?

Heel or face, he wasn’t over by any kind of astronomical margin, every young talent he “elevated” during that period (Kurt, Benoit, Hardys, Maven, RVD, Un-Americans, Albert, Brock) weren’t anymore over than before the program (except Brock, who was made before Taker.) He was just winning because “He’s the Undertaker. He’s supposed to win.” And it sucked. Don’t get me started on the Invasion run.

I know the IWC always points to the Triple H “My Precious” period, but I find Taker’s run much more obnoxious. Am I missing something?

Not really, no.  Taker was really obnoxious during that period, especially like with the ladder match where he beat the holy hell out of Jeff Hardy and everyone tripped over themselves praising him for putting Jeff over.  Even though he still won the match handily.  The reinvention in 05 and willingness to change up his style and get off TV for a while really saved him, creatively.