Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #350 – 08/01/2000

Hello You!

Last week’s Hardcore TV had a fantastic main event of Mike Awesome Vs Masato Tanaka followed by a strong angle where Awesome brutally clocked Spike Dudley’s girlfriend with a lariat, thus causing her to bleed from the mouth.

With Guilty As Charged 2000 one night away, I expect we’ll be seeing a lot of last minute hype for the show. I’ve actually reviewed that show for the Blog before, so I’ll give it a once over and post it up tomorrow.

Anyway, let’s watch some chuffing wrestling!

This week’s matches were taped from a multitude of places

Calling the action is Joey Styles

Joey Styles is in front of a new ECW Banner, where he hypes up Guilty As Charged by running through the card;

Rhino Vs The Sandman

ECW Title
Champ: Mike Awesome Vs Little Spike Dudley

ECW Television Title
Champ: Rob Van Dam Vs Sabu

ECW Tag Team Titles
Champs: Tommy Dreamer and Raven Vs The Impact Players of Justin Credible and Lance Storm

King of the Streets Match
Spanish Angel Vs New Jack

Dream Partner Match
Yoshihiro Tajiri and ??? Vs Super Crazy and ???

Show Intro: This week’s tagline is “Sunday Night January 9th, The 1st PPV Of The New Millennium, ECW Guilty As Charged”

They really are making a big deal of this being the first American wrestling pay per view of 2000, but I don’t think it means quite as much as they want it to mean really. All that will matter is whether it’ll be the first GOOD pay per view of the new millennium!

Joey hypes up the Tajiri Vs Crazy feud and sends to a match from ECW on TNN

Opening Match
Yoshihiro Tajiri w/ Steve Corino and Jack Victory (High Spot!) Vs Super Crazy

This looks to be from the White Plains tapings but don’t hold me to that. Tajiri kicks Crazy but then stops to taunt, so Crazy gets a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. We get some fast paced counter wrestling that eventually ends in a Central American Standoff to a good reaction from the crowd. Crazy sends Tajiri outside and follows with an Asai moonsault before getting a Yoshihiro Takayama like knee back inside the ring.

Tajiri fights back with kicks and then dropkicks Crazy in the bonce for good measure. Tajiri keeps stopping to taunt however, which allows Crazy to get a springboard dropkick and a Quebrada for two. Crazy gets the ten punches in the corner but Tajiri fights back and sends Crazy to the outside before following with a flip dive out onto the floor. Tajiri is just full of wacky charisma here as he continues to taunt the fans.

Watching stuff like this you can see why the WWF eventually took a gamble on Tajiri, as he really was a larger than life character who was capable of being really entertaining. Crazy fights back inside the ring with a big snap powerbomb for two, before dragging Tajiri into the corner for a duo of moonsaults. He takes too long on the third one however, which allows Tajiri to hang him in the Tree of Woe and then baseball slide him in the face for two.

I love how you could do that on No Mercy for the N64 actually. Crazy tries a rana but Tajiri bridges out of it and kicks Crazy in the head before following up with a brain buster for the clean three count. That’s an odd way to build up the match for the pay per view. Surely it would have made more sense for Tajiri to win via screwy means so that Crazy then has a reason to recruit a mystery tag partner in order to get revenge?


If I never see this match again it will be a day too soon. Both guys are very talented and could probably have a good match with one another in their sleep, but it’s beyond overkill now with these guys. Can we PLEASE move them onto new feuds and keep them out of the ring from one another for at least a few months or so once this tag match is done with?

Joey hypes up the tag match on Sunday


We get clips from a Rob Van Dam Vs Sabu match that happened on an ECW TNN taping after RVD had defended the TV Title against CW Anderson. Both men hit all sorts of big moves and dives onto one another, with Sabu managing to put RVD through a table with a leg drop outside the ring. RVD replies by targeting Sabu’s leg with a chair, and even goes as far as to kick out Sabu’s leg out from under his leg before Pillmanising it with a splash. Alfonso eventually throws in the towel due to Sabu’s leg getting even more damaged, which is a finish that satisfies neither of his charges.

Joey hypes up the RVD Vs Sabu match on Sunday


Joey continues to hype the Guilty As Charged card. Interestingly they dub over whatever song ECW used here with the theme the WWF used for Judgment Day 2001.

We get a recap of The Impact Players of Justin Credible and Lance Storm crucifying Raven in the entrance way. I’m not religious myself but I understand how someone getting crucified has strong connotations for those that do, which is probably why it gets exploited so often in wrestling as it’s easy cheap heat.


Joey sends to footage from November to Remember 1999, where New Jack jumped off a basketball backboard to put one of Da Baldies through a table. We never saw who it was but it was one of Tony DeVito or Spanish Angel. New Jack looked to have the match in order back inside the ring, but in typical New Jack fashion he got distracted destroying Big Vito and that allowed Angel to clock him with a guitar shot to pick up the smash and grab victory.

Joey hypes up the New Jack Vs Spanish Angel on Sunday


Joey sends to footage of Mike Awesome defeating Masato Tanaka to regain the ECW Title. Following the match Little Spike Dudley ran down to attack Awesome again but Jeff Jones stopped that with a gavel shot. This led to Spike’s girlfriend (A young lass in tie-dye) to run in and take out Jones with an Acid Drop. Awesome didn’t take kindly to that however and creamed the poor lady with a stiff lariat, seemingly causing her to bleed from the mouth hard way. Spike is the ultimate “Giant Killer”, but has he met his match with the ECW World Champ?


We get the same promo Spike Dudley cut last week, where he says he’s going to hurt Mike Awesome at Guilty As Charged.

Judge Jeff Jones and Mike Awesome retort. Jones does his usual indyriffic promo whilst Mike Awesome yells like a wrestler from the 80’s.

Joey says that he’s seen Spike defeat all sorts of big men and monsters, and adds that he thinks the match with Awesome will be a war.


Joey gives the last big hard sell for the pay per view

In Conclusion

All pay per view hype this week with no fresh matches, so it’s easy to skip it and just watch Guilty As Charged 2000 instead.