Senseless face turns

Hey Scott,

Watching RAW and Smackdown highlights on youtube (the only way to tolerate the crap they put out), I've noticed a trend of nonsensical face turns that have no rhyme or reason. The ones that come to mind are Elias, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross (whatever happened to the whole Bliss being a bad influence on Cross angle?), Samoa Joe and Lacey Evans.  Like why the fuck are we supposed to cheer for Elias now? Not long ago, he was gleefully getting bounced around by faces like he was their human punching bag.  Some might say Joe's turn is fine because he was attacked by established heels but why was he defending Rey Mysterio's honor in the first place? After all, he maimed his son earlier in the year and fought for the U.S. Title against Rey in a prolonged fued as well.  Then you have Lacey Evans who was aligned with Corbin not too long ago for crying out loud and then just turns face just because? Is it a case of WWE not knowing how to create legit faces or is it more a case of them not knowing how to follow through on characters and angles?  When it comes to heel turns, they seem to have a better handle on that particularly in regards to Seth Rollins.  Thoughts?
The Elias thing is really mystifying because they randomly turned him babyface last year as it is, and then just walked it back and had him turn heel again one week.  Then he was forgotten about completely for a while and came back now apparently as a babyface again who's still a jerk but who I guess insults the heels so that makes him cheered?  It's not like he even wrestles on TV anyway.  They're just really, really bad at making babyfaces and interesting characters in general.