What the World Was Watching: WCW Pro – December 9, 1995

WCW Prime for December 4 featured a few new matches that will be recapped before WCW Pro.

Kurasawa (w/Colonel Robert Parker) (13-4) defeated Johnny Allan Smith via submission to a Fujiwara armbar at 4:07:

As Kurasawa pounds away, Chris Cruise and Dusty Rhodes talk about how their director Diane is getting love letters and they need to bring her on the air.  After some plodding offense, Kurasawa locks in the Fujiwara armbar to end a two-match losing streak.

Paul Orndorff (26-8) pins Gino Caruso after a piledriver at 3:10:

The more casual fans at Disney MGM are fans of Orndorff’s theme music, laughing at his act as he makes his way to the ring.  This is Orndorff’s first bout since receiving a new mirror from Gary Spivey and his bad luck appears to have changed as his entrance theme does not cut out.  Dusty reminds fans that when you break a mirror twice the bad luck doubles to fourteen years and when you break it three times your neck falls off your body.  Orndorff does an excellent job playing to the crowd and camera, checking his mirror halfway through the squash, arguing with Nick Patrick over who has more authority inside the ring, doing two wacky elbow drops, and then saying “Won-der-ful” as the referee counts to three after his trademark piledriver.

V.K. Wallstreet (6-3) pins Eddie Gomez after the Stock Market Crash at 3:06:

Gomez is unable to do anything the veteran Wallstreet, missing a dropkick, succumbing to a chinlock, and finished with the Stock Market Crash.

And now onto WCW Pro where Cruise, Dusty, and Larry Zbyszko call the action.

Opening Contest:  Masa Saito (1-0) (w/Sonny Onoo) beats Buddy Valentine via submission to an ankle lock at 3:54:

Saito, who has a large frame, is dwarfed by Valentine.  The big jobber avalanches Saito against the buckles but fails to capitalize, with Saito shrugging off his punches and knocking Valentine down with a slap.  A side suplex and anklelock finish.

Cruise interviews Saito and Onoo, with Onoo saying that the Japanese stars love submission holds because Americans give up too easy on everything.  Saito tells Cruise that the Japanese love eating fish heads.

Lex Luger (w/Jimmy Hart) (10-3) beats Chuck Williams via submission to a Torture Rack at 4:15:

Luger loses his cool when Williams corners him with punches, delivering an inverted atomic drop to escape and bowling over him with a clothesline.  Luger then works the back and the Torture Rack follows so he can win his sixth straight singles match.

Gene Okerlund provides the Starrcade Control Center for the week, with the official World Cup matches announced.  They are Randy Savage vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Sting vs. Kensuke Sasaki, Eddie Guerrero vs. Shinjiro Otani, Lex Luger vs. Masahiro Chono, Johnny B. Badd vs. Masa Saito, Chris Benoit vs. Jushin Liger, and Alex Wright vs. Koji Kanemoto.

Call 1-900-909-9900 to find out what WWF heavyweight is headed to WCW!

Diamond Dallas Page (25-6-2) beats Quinn Nash after the Diamond Cutter at 3:14:

Page is furious that Badd has taken his title and woman, so he takes those frustrations out on Nash, calling the jobber “Johnny” as he beats him all over the ring.  Cruise screams randomly that he can translate Dusty’s words as Nash scores a near-fall from a flying body press.  However, Page takes his head off with  clothesline, gives himself a ten, and hits the Diamond Cutter to get back to his winning ways.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan (37-10-2) beats the Disco Inferno (7-6) after a three-point stance clothesline at 2:30:

There is a lot of stalling before this gets going, with Duggan taunting Disco by shaking his rear and Disco being outraged.  After that, Duggan squashes the 1970s wannabe to such an extent that one would think that the Disco experiment was nearing its end, with the star now losing five-straight matches.

United States Championship Match:  Kensuke Sasaki (United States Champion) (w/Sonny Onoo) (2-1) beats Joey Maggs (1-11) via submission to Strangle Hold Beta at 5:22:

The WCW Executive Committee must have been so impressed by Maggs victory over Diamond Dallas Page on Main Event that they gave him a title shot, overlooking his poor win/loss record.  Teddy Long appears near the entrance to watch more Maggs action, freaking out Onoo who does not like him being around.  Sasaki dominates Maggs like this is a squash, with Maggs late rally stopped when he goes into the ring post on a blind charge.  Rating:  ½*

The Last Word:  This was a throwaway episode, with nothing significant happening in storylines or in the ring.  The United States title is wasted on Sasaki as Sting is not having any interaction with the man who took the title off of him.  The Wrestling Observer speculated that the Starrcade match between the two would be over the title but that does not appear to be the case.

Up Next:  WCW Worldwide for December 9!