Old school booking question

Hey Scott,

Wanted to get your take on the booking philosophy of champions back in the day and the challengers they worked with.

It seems the two ways of booking champions was to either bring in a monster of for a few months for the baby face champ (WWWF) or have the heel champion travel around the affiliate territories facing the local top guy (NWA).

My question is, was it better for a challengers career to be the guy that challenged Sammartino in New York and lost. Or be the hometown guy in Texas who challenged Harley Race and lost?

I imagine the pay day for working at MSG might be better, but does your career at home as a top level guy mean more long term?

Thanks, Brian

Depends on the payday.  Guys were lining up around the block to put over Bruno and then Hogan at MSG because you basically make a months salary in one show.  The deal with the hometown challenger was twofold though, in that you’re trying to pop a number with the champ AND build up the loser for other feuds to carry the territory later on.  See also Freebirds, Fabulous vs Erichs, Von for the textbook case.  
But holy shit was MSG a lot of money to most guys, so that still wins outside of freakish runs like World Class.