Monday Night Raw – January 6, 2020

Monday Night Raw
Date: January 6, 2020
Location: Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Jerry Lawler

It’s a big night as we get some fallout from last week’s messy/controversial wedding plus the return of Brock Lesnar as we are less than three weeks away from the Royal Rumble. That means things need to pick up in a hurry and something needs to be done around here. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap from the wedding, focusing on Liv Morgan’s big surprise of course.

Opening sequence.

Here are Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman for a chat. Heyman talks about Brock wondering who will be facing him at the Royal Rumble but realizing that no one from Raw, Smackdown or NXT is worthy. That’s why Brock is going to do something unprecedented, which is what he does. Brock promised to beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania and then he did it. So what is his next unprecedented move? Brock is entering the Royal Rumble at #1 so he can fight twenty nine people at once. Heyman promises Lesnar will throw everyone out and win the whole thing and yes, that is a spoiler. No word on if the title will be on the line.

I saw someone suggest this same idea somewhere else and it’s an interesting idea. I’d prefer this over having Lesnar face and destroy someone else like he’d done over the last few years, though I’m almost scared to imagine who we might get as the person who throws Lesnar out. Still though, interesting idea.

Rey Mysterio is fired up for his United States Title shot and thanks his son for being his inspiration. Tonight, he’s taking the title back to represent Latinos.

United States Title: Andrade vs. Rey Mysterio

Andrade is defending and has Zelina Vega with him. Andrade starts punching away to start so Rey climbs onto his shoulders so they can fall outside. A victory roll sends Andrade face first into the steps and Zelina panics. Back in and Andrade dropkicks him out of the air as we take a break.

Back with both guys staggered but Rey gets to the apron for a springboard seated senton. The tornado DDT gets two but Andrade ties him in the ropes. The top rope double stomp misses so Rey tries the sliding sunset bomb, only to have Andrade roll through and hit double knees to put Rey down again. Back in and Rey busts out a Canadian Destroyer to knock Andrade silly for the pin….but Vega got the foot on the rope just in time. Rey celebrates but we have to keep going so we take another break.

We come back with Rey hitting a running hurricanrana off the apron to send Andrade crashing into the barricade. A sunset bomb sends Andrade into the post and the springboard Fameasser gives Rey two more. Andrade is back with a wheelbarrow faceplant for the same but Rey hurricanranas him into the ropes for the 619.

Andrade manages to roll outside so Rey dives onto Zelina by mistake. The distraction lets Andrade send him into the post and Rey is staggered. He’s so banged up that the referee breaks up the hammerlock DDT so Rey staggers to the floor, where he seems to check on Zelina. Back in and the hammerlock DDT retains the title at 19:52.

Rating: B. These two are incapable of having a bad match and WWE knows they can put them out there for a good match every single time. I’m curious about how they’re going somewhere with the tensions between Andrade and Vega, though Andrade getting the big win is what matters most here.

Post match Andrade rips off Rey’s mask. A Rumble rematch with some stipulations could work well.

We look back at Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens fighting back against the AOP.

Owens and Joe confirm that they are usually out for themselves, but Joe has someone to join in with them. Joe tells Owens not to worry about who it is.

The AOP doesn’t seem thrilled but Rollins isn’t worried. Rollins has overcome challenges forever and is used to it because he is the chosen one of Monday Night Raw. Anyone who steps up to them will be taken care of by the AOP.

Tag Team Titles: OC vs. Viking Raiders vs. Street Profits

The Raiders are defending but first, the Profits say they’re blinging in the new decade. Tonight, they want the smoke. Erik throws Anderson down to start and it’s Ivar coming in to send him face first into Erik’s knee. A blind tag lets Dawkins come in to dropkick Anderson but Ford does the same, meaning it’s a flip off with Ivar.

Gallows, a self described non-fan of cartwheels, unloads on Ford in the corner before Anderson knocks Ford down for two. That’s enough waiting around for the Raiders as they both come in to clean house with Gallows having to save Ford after the Viking Experience. Everyone fights to the floor with the OC getting the better of things as we take a break. Back with Anderson chinlocking Erik but the comeback is on in a hurry.

Erik jumps over Anderson in the corner and dives over for the hot tag to Erik. House is cleaned in a hurry but the Bronco Buster misses. Dawkins and Eric tag themselves in with the spinebuster into the frog splash connecting on Erik. Ivar makes the save and it’s Ford hitting the running flip dive onto Gallows and Dawkins. That leaves Anderson to get powerbombed into a splash from Ivar to retain the titles at 15:13.

Rating: B-. This was the kind of action packed match that you would have expected here, though I’m curious to see who the Vikings can face now. There isn’t really anyone left but the AOP and the good thing is that doesn’t need much of a build. Just let them hit each other a lot at the Rumble and everything will be fine.

Joe won’t say who the partner is but he’ll show Owens. They go to a locker room and Owens sees the partner, which makes him very happy.

Here’s Becky Lynch to talk about her match with Asuka. Becky has been the confident champion but now she needs to rethink things. Yeah she’s been on the cereal boxes and walked the red carpets but there is one person she can’t beat. We see clips of Asuka beating her multiple times but here’s Asuka to cut her off. Asuka shouts in Japanese but Becky punches her down and walks off.

Mojo Rawley gets to look inside Erick Rowan’s cage and screams a lot.

We recap the US Title match.

Andrade and Zelina brag about the win but here’s an unmasked Rey to jump Andrade from behind and take the mask back. With the mask on again, Mysterio steals the title and leaves.

Erick Rowan vs. KJ Orso

Rowan grabs him before the bell and says he knows Orso wants to see what’s in the cage. Orso gets back inside and says bring it on so Rowan kicks him in the face. The Iron Claw is good for the pin at 23 seconds.

Post match Rowan puts Orso’s head near the cage and Orso comes up with a bloody face, sending him running away.

AJ Styles vs. Akira Tozawa

We see a clip of last week’s surprise RKO from Randy Orton, who faces AJ again next week. Tozawa kicks away to start but AJ gets in a shot out of the corner. The Phenomenal Forearm connects, but AJ pulls him up at two. A Randy Orton hanging DDT drops Tozawa again and an RKO gives AJ the pin at 2:20.

Post match AJ strikes Orton’s pose to really rub it in. AJ leaves and a fan runs in so security deals with him as we take a break.

We look at the wedding again.

Here are Lashley and Lana with the minister from last week in the ring (apparently the minister was the fan, which would be some major miscommunication). Lana is furious about last week and wants things made right so they get married in a hurry, because the minister can officiate weddings in multiple states.

Lana kicks the minister out for being boring but still doesn’t seem happy. It’s because of all these people here who don’t want to see this ring on her finger. Last week a bunch of exes came out to interrupt the wedding over and over again because so many people are so jealous of their love. Lashley says Rusev is the sorriest of them all but here’s Rusev on the screen, standing in front of a superimposed island.

Since Lana and Lashley didn’t have a honeymoon, he’s taking it for them. But first, he needs to give them their wedding gift: a wedding album, with pictures from last week’s fiasco. Lana rants about how much she hates Rusev….and Lashley tells her to shut up. Lashley says Rusev used to be a man but they need to fight one more time. Rusev agrees to fight him next week and the Bulgarian Brute will be back. There was no reference to or mention of Liv Morgan.

R-Truth is ready for the new decade but Liv Morgan interrupts to say she’ll be in Rusev’s corner next week. It’s a moment she lives for.

Charlotte vs. Sarah Logan

Logan jumps her before the bell and they fight to the floor with Charlotte hammering away against the barricade. They go into the crowd for a bit until Charlotte throws her back over, only to get posed for her efforts. With Charlotte down, Logan grabs the robe and slams it onto the mat a few times. A spear puts Logan down on the floor and Charlotte suplexes her into the barricade. Charlotte sends Logan into the post, puts the robe on, and leaves. No match as the bell never rang.

Erick Rowan, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio and Ricochet are official for the Rumble.

Drew McIntyre vs. No Way Jose

Jose starts fast but gets kicked in the ribs for his efforts. An overhead belly to belly sends Jose flying but Drew heads outside to beat up the Conga Line. Back in and the Future Shock sets up the Claymore to finish Jose at 1:45.

Post match McIntyre asks if the fans want to see another Claymore. Drew throws Jose back in and kicks his head off a second time. It’s interesting that Drew has never had a World Title shot, so he’s in the Rumble as well.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Aleister Black

Black grabs a rollup for an early two before having a seat to mess with Benjamin’s mind. What looked like a Rings of Saturn attempt is countered into a deadlift to put Black down. Some forearms have Black rocked but he’s right back with Black Mass for the pin at 1:58.

Post match Buddy Murphy jumps Black and sends him into the post. Murphy tosses Black into the timekeeper’s area and hits the running knee to the face. A chair is put under Black’s face and it’s a knee to smash the chair into Black. Murphy sits on the barricade as medics come out.

Seth Rollins/AOP vs. Samoa Joe/Kevin Owens/???

Rollins is officially dubbed the Monday Night Messiah and says he knows what is best for everyone. The mystery partner is….the Big Show, who hasn’t wrestled in over a year due to hip surgery. Show cleans house to start and hits a big chop on Rollins to send us to a break. Back with Rollins still in trouble as Owens hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Rezar gets in a cheap shot though and sends Owens into the barricade, as the fans want Big Show.

Back in and we hit the neck crank on Owens to slow things down so Show starts playing cheerleader (the veterans are always good at that). The side slam/middle rope stomp combination gets two on Owens and it’s off to Rollins for a chinlock of his own. Owens fights up and hits an enziguri on Akam, so Rezar comes in to knock Joe off the apron. That earns him a superkick from Owens and the hot tag brings Show back in. Joe gets sent into the steps, leaving Show to pull Rollins out of the air. The double chokeslam to AOP is broken up with a chair shot from Rollins for the DQ at 10:15.

Rating: C-. I know the fans were chanting for him a bit during the match, but Big Show? I don’t think he’s going to be a big feature attraction but I don’t exactly see this as being the impactful move that WWE thinks it might be. It has been a long time and I was surprised to hear that music again, though the excitement died down in a hurry as you knew the DQ or countout was coming. It’s a nice surprise in the short term but long term, they’re going to need something else.

Post match the beatdown is on but Show punches Rollins out to end the show.

Overall Rating: C+. There was more of an effort this week and that was noticeable all night long. It’s clear to tell when they are trying and when they aren’t and it was the former this week. I’m glad to see that as we are getting close to the Royal Rumble, though it would be nice to see it take place more often than just this time of year. Anyway, good wrestling tonight but some of the angles weren’t that thrilling. There’s a good chance I’ll be at the show next week and I really hope I don’t regret the decision (again).


Andrade b. Rey Mysterio – Hammerlock DDT

Viking Raiders b. OC and Street Profits – Frog splash to Anderson

Erick Rowan b. KJ Orso – Iron Claw

AJ Styles b. Akira Tozawa – RKO

Drew McIntyre b. No Way Jose – Claymore

Aleister Black b. Shelton Benjamin – Black Mass

Big Show/Samoa Joe/Kevin Owens b. Seth Rollins/AOP via DQ when Rollins used a chair

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