The Cheap and Lazy Sunday Thread

Apparently there’s more football today.  Can’t the NFL learn to wrap it up in November like the CFL does?  Look, admittedly I know or care nothing about football, but I cheer for the 49ers so I take full credit if they win the Super Bowl.  Joe Montana is still quarterback for them, right?

Also, Wrestle Kingdom Night 2 will be concluded by the time this is posted, although it hasn’t started as of when I’m writing this.  TIME TRAVEL.  I JUST BLEW YOUR MIND.

Speaking of blowing, Smackdown’s ratings remain terrifyingly stable week after week, probably because the audience is old people who leave the TV on while they do their knitting and find that Bluebloods is too sassy with that young whippersnapper Tom Selleck on it.  MAAAAAAAAAAAATLOCK!

Just as a heads up, it’s all New Japan, all week on the blog, because it’s gonna literally take me 7 days to review that whole damn show.

Have a great day with your football (or as the British call it, “American football”) and try not to get into any trouble.